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prior to the introduction of the lever presses for compressing
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■was at present being treated by inunction and was doing well.
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of tlie Throat, Th., 2 30 ; Dental Cases, W., 2. Operation bay.—
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these considerations, and it is not unnatural that the district officer,
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afternoon M. Pasteur's and M. Cornil's laboratories were
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mine the onset of scarlet fever in persons who had previously
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M.R.C.S.Eng.; C. W. E. Toller, M B. Durh, M.R C.S., L.R.C.P. ; J.
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Membre de llnstitut de France ; ProJesseur au Collfrge de France.
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nections it was found to be an accessory thyroid gland. There
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Royal Engineers, has also resigned his commission, which bore date
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a severe rigor and a sort of convulsive fit. From this time he
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the exposure and the appearance of the rash. Intervals of
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31 vaccinated, being a mortality-rate of 3.2 per cent. No
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Arrowsmith looked at him, and said, "I think you have smallpox " The
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is no medico ethical rule recorded that would debar them from adopt-
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chiefly of home nursing and of the management of hospitals
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Dr. R. C. Benington (Newcastle-on-Tyne) writes, with reference to the
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deaths. Of fifteen cases in which he removed the uterus, treat-
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the chief problem in the management of these institutions.
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dead letter. Dr. Palmberg excuses the omission of Italy,
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College of Physicians, the College of Surgeons, and the Ex-
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School at Poona. in addition to his own duties, from February itHli, during
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present day. An unfriendly critic has declared that medicine
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about an inch above thepubes to a couple of inches beyond the umbilicus,
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toy; gunshot wound of the stomach, but death ensued in twenty-
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Seven candidates were referred in 'botfh; subjects, 6 In Anatomy only,
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The whole business is a sad comment on the prevalent
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spaces, well known and common, between the epithelial cells
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the cold and heat in the experiments do, and so bring about