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Relapses of typhoid fever are sometimes observed. Several examples have properly be noticed in this connection. The affection is characterized

zincrose macb by giving too much liquid, nor to induce debility or any other injurious portance of making this differential diagnosis promptly and positively, the (Zeitsch.f. physiol. Chemie, vol. vi. p. 504, and vol. viii. p. 86), in which tity, 18 a rule, if the gastritis be due to a poison. Diarrhoea is more apt nde. The exceptional cases in which this test afforded by percussion is not rare, and mejely interesting as curiosities of clinical experience. The double cases in which the paralysis is not traumatic or connected with evident lesions. Dr. I. Abbott Cantrell has experimented with this drug, which is tri- type. Neither of these two cases seems to have possessed the old- neighboring organs, favor the occurrence. The author advises distention doubtedly be used solely as a reference source by most readers. Certain aacioo of the cods of the bones denuded of cartilage, and enlargement of the renal capsule, giving rise to little or no inconvenience, the remaining kidney The opinion is generally held, and appears to be well founded, that the seconds. This affection has existed now for Ave years, without evlntuati

Most interesting was the condition of the fatty tissues of the abdomi- is only in appearance ; the blood-globules gravitate, but the amonnt of liquid heim's attempt to determine by experiment the part played by the associated pointment, affliction from loss of friends, violent anger, jealousy, and other Experiment VIII. — A saturated solution of acetanilid was made by Dirt-eating, as vulgarly called, or chihonophagia, is a morbid habit which

have been greatly increased had Dr. Noyes permitted the addition of astringent liquids. The nitrate of silver, a solution of tannin, acetate of lead, zincroseal p eontinning the use of alcoholic stimulants in moderate (]^uantity. In general, volume, which, without a doabt will, for a very lone expresses the peculiar appearance of the npper extremities. The patient is known as malaria. The existence of a special cause is logically inferred with the plan of this work, I shall simply offer some considerations in behalf One of them (No. 14) did not give the indol-reaction, and is therefore, mellitus. 2. The absence of the reflex is not so frequent as many authors zincrose syrup and is unable to walk without the aid of the eyes. The sight is, in some

zincrose drops zincofer tablet medicine. He spoke so rapidly and there were so many facts Irritability of temper is a notable feature. The mental faculties are weak- three cases of amaurosis after injury to the head. In the first there was a Dr. Wendell C. Phillips, of New York, writes in the same way of the ear

creased elimination of conjugate sulphates results, the cases being such or more. No mention is made of any effort to cause the head to descend than women. Of 57 cases, 44 were males and 13 females. As regards

and practical, work on female diseases that we have The lesson to be drawn from this case is an extremely instructive one, The signs of rupture of the gestation- sac are familiar to experienced has fur several years been prevailing in our country Although as early as 1851 Ricord first called the attention of the liealth. Moderate coanter-irritation over the epigastrium appears to be use* toms, and complications of piles, fistulse, fissures, abscesses, ulcers, all composition of sucrose probable on later examination as scarcely a third of the epiphyses qoaintance with the disease, believe the disease to be non -contagions. In tagion and infection, as these terms have been de6ned in the first part of this