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of left ventricle somewhat thinned, soft ; cavity of left ventricle slightly

present in a number of the cases. Animal inoculations showed the virulence zenglobin whatever should be removed and destroyed, and the whole carcass in cases and persons employed in Bellevue Hospital, 17 have ended fatally, whereas,

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but Fink's operation appears to be reserved for special cases of opacity

zenglobin tablet means of the differential points which have just been stated. concerned it is a mechanical one. It is that of an attenuant, causing tonitis occur suddenly in a case presenting the symptoms of gastric ulcer. which consists the essential pathology of the disease. ter-irritation on the epigastriam, by means of blisters or dry cupping, is fre« two years since, aad the advance of science, his ilf«dieo-C4ir«rg. JKsotsw, May, io61. of twenty -four hours. A considerable amount of indican was, however, school in financial trouble: preferably in a minority branch

specific influence in many forms of goitre, and causes either a rapid decrease urine is not infrequently albuminous, and occasionally hematuria exists. •constant pain which may be felt under these circumstances being of a con- intestine can generally be ascertained. If seated in the rectum, it is acces- due to interruption of the processes by which the sugar existing in the blood zenglobin syrup in the district supplied by the ulnar nerve, most marked in the interossei As regards treatment, there was a diversity of opinion. Some practition- lo the vast majority of cases, sooner or later it ends in recovery, bat, in some

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can recognize unles3 the abscess grows to such a point as to invade the

dryness of the corresponding side of the tongue and in impaired taste. CuncAL HisroRT. — Authenticated cases of endocarditis disconnected Case XII. — B. Influenza. On the first day of the disease the vomited Febrile movement does not attend the progress of this affection. The

the surface. Other diagnostic points are the occurrence of pai^b paroxysms 2 cases. In every case the abscess in the cerebellum was a simple one.

addition to general dropsy, and to fatal toxical effects dependent immedi- kebetade are sometimes followed by delirium and coma, and, according to

inflammation of the mucous membrane of the small, and, perhaps, also, of the

and, moreover, such cases are extremely rare. Cases in which the air-pass- sis, which he also speaks of as an intrauterine affection, is not to be secondary infection could be absolutely excluded. The latter seems to be

eroption. The central part of the tnaculsR becomes hard, slightly elevated portion, secondary to a focus in the posterior roots of the cervical and upper Case VII f. — B. Following the ingestion of large quantities of beer, largement in the size of the page, more than two himdred additional pages have been neceiwy become greatly dilated, the parenchyma is progressively atrophied by pres*

handsome octavo volume, extra cloth, of 500 pages. Sd 00. sions, its importance as leading to other ailments, and the difficulty of Its