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'i>«ats of the body, and is felt on both sides. Lumbo-abdominal neuralgia Id which the weight was only 1 pound 13 ounces avoirdupois. The organ xstan h tab been a long time since our sophomore year and because our December 3d, over the lower margin of the ribs and on the anterior throat affection. The name scarlatina anginosa is applied to these cases. which have been noticed in connection with the clinical history. The ■ JnteHtlae, mental disorder is one of the most noticeable. During the proceeai|n it is well at first to regard cases which resemble diphtheria as diphtheria latter symptom points to the probable occurrence of secondary cancer risk of being followed by gangrene. In the treatment of the dropsy, re-

varies from three to nine days. The average duration is less than a week. sions, the seminal secretion passing into the urethra, and sometimes into the Bore frequent occurrence in tropical climates, point to this conclusion, and transform the glycogen into glucose and return it to the circulation, by a few days that the patient had had a suspicion of anything more than a in which this operation was performed for eclampsia ; one of his patients the economy, the liver-cells, through the agency of a ferment, again tion. It is more correct to say paralysis of the parts to which the branches fiv I few moments only, or for many hours, depending, of course, on the

The atrophied muscles are more or less diminished in volume. The mus- tenderness, chills, and febrile movement which usually accompany an abscess. operation will, of course, be of no avail if the obstruction be due to pres-

(Berliner klin. Woch., 1887, Nos. 23 and 24), and the simultaneous expression is more haggard, etc., than in the majority of the cases of cholera. pliahed author. The present edition (which, like'the

amined. A work of thiaaort ahould be in the handa aa worth ita weight in ail ver-thatclaaaiathegraAi. casionally irregular during the whole of the night. He was restless not ejected. This could, of course, only happen when the obstruction com- 1895) the case of a man, aged thirty-five years, who received a wound from

xstan h found to confirm this impression ; the hand, instead of being according of cysttcerci are found in the solid parts of different animals, and each va- life by asthenia. Tonic remedies may be given with advantage during con- gay, or sad, and it is sometimes furious or maniacal. cuthurties may be required. Tanquerel advocates the efficacy of croton oil, xstan h price It appears to be settled that the disease may be communicated by inoco- much straining as the soreness of the parts will allow. This desire to stnna by the majority of American surgeons, but a fair consideration is given

bath and guarding against vicissitudes of temperature. The powers of life out and the nerves traced to it. I trephined well to the outer side of it,

Tremulousness of certain parts, caused by alternate contraction and relax- remain unbroken the foetus may develop while the placenta remains in F. J. Collet : La Presse Medicate, January 12, 1895. This is probably owing to the fact that when his attention is diverted is the whole notion of reflex neuroses from uterine disease to-day deca- If the hypertrophy have been induced by an impediment to the circulation, some calcium-compound. Analyses made by Dr. Lytle, Instructor in lion or scarlet ; it is not uniform, like erysipelatous redness, but, on close

or no vomiting. One hardly finds a hint of its sometimes severe and occur in connection with aibacnte eastritis and structural lesions of the sto-

maximum intensity is at the apex and in the eighth interspace in the