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and when this portion of the proteid cell is injtcted
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alcohol in intoxicating liquors, or the effects of the
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electric current passing from one to the other, but
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the most part expansions of those catalogued by the
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duce liiin to defer it until such — but of persuading him by an
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nucleated cell. Picture it dividing into two, four,
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the extent that intestinal decomposition and the ab-
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Calidiun I it ua htm- fluctuating in the Blood. But
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tory of syphilis contracted ten years before was given.
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tem). Autopsy diagnosis: Acute myelogenic leuchaemia.
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10. Teaching the Student the Operation of Paracentesis of
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his activity is centrifugal, not centripetal. There
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secure draitiing, and the dura and scalp were sutured.
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the devising of some means to administer diphtheria anti-
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York. These buildings have been used as a clinical hos-
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Ibrahim and others even after all the typical symp-
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Agaki in Julius Cccsar (II, i), Brutus, speaking to
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is probable that this building will be erected in connection
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control of prostitution, both in this city and many
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ber seven was further illustrated by the fact that it
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quently are observed to have but little nausea, and
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leptic attacks, the facts would not appear, to justify
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internal secretions, and another patient with epilepsy
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pylorus and walls of the stomach, the distal three-eighths
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or if the physical or mental condition of any such person
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alveoli are small, the contained cells are polygonal
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Case. P. Y., female, aged twenty-two, admitted July i.
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vessels and increases the coagulative properties of
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medical folklore ; a light is further cast upon the
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Endowment for th'e Hospital for the Relief of Crip-
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the discovery of the properties of the so called fluid
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second injection. He stated that his vision had improved,
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gave a history of ulcer covering five years or n^ore
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to his weight, his appetite was ravenous, he was sleeping
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It is probably most reasonable to regard a positivel\-
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One per cent, aqueous solution of eosin : aceton, aa
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chickenpo.x during infancy. Had been complaining of sore
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the materials out of which the crystals are formed.