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healed, presenting a firm and beautiful cushion, upon which
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The fluid extract is advantageously used, also, in the pre-
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the diagnosis of enlargement of the bronchial glands.
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expelling mucous with other liquids, the presumption is that the
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ed connexion between those parts and the cerebrum, upwards. The
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the point of lesion is marked by a black crescent, and
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insufferable, when from his comparatively meagre experience he attempts
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as acclimation, and also the influence of occasional depressing
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alone equal in value to all the other productions of that learned
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Dr. Pitcher moved that the Committee be instructed to inquire and re-
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reason to fear a tuberculous taint, I left out the calomel. We
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female, was of ordinary size, and externally well formed. It cried
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ance, but finally, of muco-purulent characteristics. By the first
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world without change, so another metamorphosis in medical literature
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days, and there is a slight oppression felt in the abdomen, if the dose has
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gested the employment of potassio-lactate of iron in phagenic chancre, and
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of the foregoing doctrine is impressed upon the Medical and
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this and similar cases we have to decide whether the
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Vice Presidents. Dr. Wm. Brodie, of Michigan, and Dr. R. C. Pos-
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which we have found to occur in typhus fever," exhibited, in all the
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lead pipes, which, owing to their cheapness and flexibility —
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excessive hemorrhage, but also in cases of extreme inan-
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tissues, or by the metamorphosis of the albuminous portions
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around the edge of the opening, by carefully splitting it with a deli-
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supposition is confirmed by a subsequent remark : " Yet not only
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would permit such continued pressure as would introduce it into
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than in writing these pages. If, however, we shall have directed
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was certainly most happily evinced in this case, although much
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erates the oil, it may accomplish a good purpose, otherwise it
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sion) it will extend the foot on the ankle, in the same way as
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ther application of the chloroform vapour would have rendered
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S., one after each discharge, provided they are not required
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would willingly spare ; with most exquisite humor and sense of the
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as exhibited in the prevalence of diseases of the lungs and other
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bar of platinum is partly immersed in a mixture of oxygen
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to treatment or accidental influences. This disease is verv often
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Every one is aware how much our ideas of time depend upon the rapid-
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