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industries made safe than hear of tlieir being abolished. The
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guardian of the Brighton Union, there were about fifty cases of small-
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according to experimental methods. All the objections that
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warming and equalising effects of an ocean current than this,
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tion the jaw drops, and she has to support it until power is recovered.
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I do not think we need go into ancient history as to what
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Va'uria .Vedica —The endowment amounts to £145 I3s. The five years'
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A** tlie' Tequoet'of the Indian Goverrim^rAj thel 'organising
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diarrh'ea continued without intermission, and was very frequent.
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proteid-i (?) nor act on the calcium salts (?), but act in some way not yet
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second page of the Ebers Papyrus in the hieratic writing;
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bution of deaths occurring in the public institutions of London among
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steady accumulation of facts and of knowledge which had
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thickening of the shaft and a slight outward bend. He was
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also o' outbreaks at Sheffield, Halifax, York, Eawmarsh,
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when it was wanted it implied a continuation of shock, and
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" Chloro-Linseed Cough Lozenges " made by the same firm ;
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Brain from a labourer, aged 29.— Mr. Maesh showed a large
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patient having come out by the Tartar, and it is stated on good authn>ity
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presented by the Warden of Mirton, who referred to his distinguished
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the statute so that when medical practitioners or house
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of cholera. The attention of administrators ought to be con-
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opening so as to introduce the little finger. Previous to puncturing the
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returning in June for the summer, during which season there
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lapsed intestine. The accident itself was serious enough to
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in the rabbit or snail, sporulation of such organisms was
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ai-p-- Her head dropped forwards and she cnuM not keep it erect. A
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results of overwork, he has had no recurrence of lung disease, though
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in order to safeguard the general interests of the community,
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success of such treatment this opening must remain patent
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inadequate to contain a complete account of what is at present
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eligible by any three members, may be elected a member by
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on the question of wage limit, was read. The matter having
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tion. Cell globulin did not show the viscidity which at
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Regarding Germany, we have made a little headway. We
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this, and probably even now there are instances remaining
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parasites was produced. The formation of true sporf s he had
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the provinces of Kouei-Tcheou and Yun-Nan ; because if the
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Armitage, M.A., chaplain to the IVIilitary Chapel, Vv'elliuston Barracks,
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great importance in physiology. The cell is not only the seat