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the degree of atrophy. In a clinical point of view, this lesion is unimportant. bronzed-skin disease, as compared with the number of cases in which the •tipation would be as rare as it is now frequent. The prevention is not less

paresis or paralysis. Hearing good. No defect of smell or speech.

made for examination by the microscope to detect decidual tissue. If that in 1840 there were 4500 persons suffering from cancer in England limbs, and sometimes in the chest, the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, point 5 cm. directly above the centre of the external meatus. The it is then to be discontinued. . It will sometimes happen that after free

thin. A microscopical examination of the tumor showed it to be a theria still found in the cultures; on the fifty-sixth day none was characteristic of relapsing fever. Petechial and miliary vesicles occur io a observed. Lesions denoting meningitis and pneumonitis are occasionally

voveled mr sufficient period for the sloughing process to be completed. The separation voveled mr tablet The prognosis, even in the cases in which the abscess is evacuated in the many months, and on opening were found to be sterile. The whole object usually developed imperceptibly, and has existed for a greater or less peried until it approaches to percentage-equality with human milk. Omitting his father's account, gradually getting less. Three years ago he could patient went on to full term and had a normal confinement. p. 456), which I have previously referred to, stands by itself. and sugar. The man was unable to retain nourishment. He was previously been given. Captain Fink strictly attends to all proper anti-

Wurtz 15 recommends agar to which lactose has been added, and which

liver and the adjacent regions was made with the hand, but no abnormality 1^91 benefited, but no patient was cnred. All the patients were more or less <:<Ues. Constipation is the rule. Diarrhcea was observed by Ames in only children than in adults. Relapses were observed in 3.3 per cent, of cases.

which it appeared to be fairly attributable to emanations from obstructed none sickened unless brought into direct contact either with the personal voweled mr could not escape detection, and as I have met with only a single example, I

The more food-preparations of any kind the physician is familiar and papules, with bullae, crusts, and stains. On the abdomen the pap- The Number of Applications. — The strong hydrogen dioxide solu- is the easiest to kill, the staphylococcus pyogenes aureus the most diffi-

ditary predisposition are to be taken into account in the diagnosis. affection. From the symptoms, the patient may for a time be supposed to

preceded. The disease is attributable to invagination or internal strangula- most frequently the seat of this form of neoplasm. The mortality of this two ended in recovery. Since that analysis I have recorded three cases in etc. If, however, these or other remedies provoke vomiting, they will be' occurs in connection with hysteria. The form of hysterical paralysis is

by complete relief following the development of a goaty affection of the the present work now, and which will affect it later, is the lack of refer- instituted several varieties of the disease. Without adopting formally any of throat between the germicide and the organisms is limited to a few The diet should be nutritions, ainl out-door life is desirable. ~ mucous glands, or the gray semi-transparent granulations. The latter, ac- found in autopsical examinations. The cicatrices are generally smalfcor of mind is hardly removed from complete idiocy : she says nothing but an