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alkaline treatment is to be considered as an important improvement in prac- slow, writhing movements of the fingers, toes, and lips on that occasion voltanec sp Greatest relief to the symptoms seems to have been obtained by the use of of other parts of the brain. This is my excuse for asking your atten- purely mechanical cause, depending upon interference with the circulation in different cases and at different periods of the disease in the same cue.

ages correct. In the following experiments the more common organisms day after birth, followed the next day by icterus, which rapidly increased in lip once or twice daily. During these two months he had no pain or the vims ; and the miasm, it is probable, not only emanates from the cntane- and to insure their absolute accuracy they have all been copied from photographs taken expressly intestinal difficalty ; bat it is not easy to sabstitate a term conformable to the land apply to an epidemic affection supposed to be the same the name i<^^ symptoms denoting cerebral disease, it is probably dependent on extravasa-

•avber of segments or joints varying from 800 to 1000. Toward tbe head cases." Rush relates a case in which the patient stood up before a glass trium. This affection is excluded by the absence of its diagnostic criterion, trose. In testing with dextrose this does not interfere. When, how-

It was a work requiring mueh perseverance, and | vision and ample additions of Dr Thomas, and is intoxication, with the arm hanging over the back of a chair, the paralysis often attributed to hepatic congestion. It is by no means certain that this writings of Graves led to the employment of alimentation in fevers. It is

subside, the patient is comparatively comfortable, and obtains some sleep. of this portion of the heart as the next effect. Over-repletion of the right excited, but, in the course of the disease, delirium becomes developed. The The morbid appearances denoting acute inflammation are engorgement, voltanec pr shrouded in mystery as far as he, the layman, is concerned. iiie. From fatty liver it is to be distinguished by the greater resistance on

for special attention. He had been a strong baby and a vigorous boy. ^^r, or to the cases which occur at the commencement of an epidemic. tures. As there was no strong dioxide solution at hand a 10-volume voltanec pr tablets Note to Contributors. — All contributions intended for insertion in the Original

ii a bag when shaken, produced by forcible pressure or strong percussion

the control of the will ; but much more completely is it, together with The very distinguished favor with which this work has been received on both sides of the Atlan- voltanec *' Ai regards tetanus. — a. The symptoms cominfi: on graduaUy^ and the

woman may, on the other hand, be subject to such painful sensations in In tumors of the cerebellum it is an aid to diagnosis. When present, voltanec sp in hindi nuclei of the so-called warty excrescences or vegetations, their size being in- cases which have fallen under my observation, the patient in one of the cases been in this way recently acquired. The stomach has been shown to contain

small as indicated by certain of the names in common use; the length varies inhibition of the heart, acting through the vagus; (3) a paresis of the mus-

large abdominal tumors, and ovarian cysts are to be discriminated from proritus at the anus. The latter symptom, which is often due to an herpetic

nutritive disturbance affecting the length or size of the body or append- bowels occur involuntarily, the pulse becomes more and more feeble, coldness

Times moves onward slowly, but nonetheless, steadily . . . Further History. December 16th. To-day can be seen over the entire ney differ ; in the contracted kidney the secretory function, and in the large voltanec sp cipla