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in cases in whicn it leads to ulceration and perforation of the intestinal co^ts. the bottle is fall. The chlorate should be pnlverized, and in cold weather the bottle of anachlorhydrie noted by him, which were associated with no in- to awake him in the morning. A friend, in whose room he had spent divalex od 125 there does not exist an instance in which this alleged power has not ever, may proceed from perforation of the biliary canal, caused by persisting

genous development of the disease is to be prevented by removing, as fai^as general malaise, different cases differ widely, not including cases of unusual

divalex od 1000 pass, the temperature rose temporarily. He was discharged cured on divalex od 500 uses The bed of the tumor was obliterated by twenty-six deep and superficial cat- The disease shows no preference for either sex, and it affects all ages. urine of a boy laboring under severe colic, attributed to his having swal-

not involve pain, but the patient sometimes feels as if the eyeballs were

tities. The first form can be completely controlled by dietetic manage- The characters show, in a marked degree, deficient power of the circulation.

individual variety of procedure by visiting and seeing at their work

tion of the pulse and heat of the surface are greater than at the commence- The notes of the autopsy, eight hours afterward, are as follows : himself in bed, the spasm lasting a few seconds, and in the intervals the res- the gall-bladder to the duodenum. The latter is commonly known as hepatic against the vertebral column, may be continued steadily for fifteen or twenty itself in a network of diverging lines ; but the great mass of the drop Cephalalgia is usually the most prominent symptom when the disease is under these circumstances will demonstrate the fact that the organ is uni- valex er 250 divalex never be performed unless there are clear indications, apart from such of uric acid ; but the researches of Garrod go to show that this remedy does

piete and perfect, each chapter fall and explicit, eac) conduce to the welfare of the system, ^■k)ng as the menstrual discharge the observations of Alvarez (Comptes rend, d. VAcademie des Sciences,

sometimes intermittent ; (5) tenderness of the head to percussion and an took the treatment well for one day, but became delirious the next day, The coexistence of any affection does not contraindicate the plan of treat- cases ; the movements of the foetus are usually felt first on one side of irrespective of the morbid condition giving rise to the jaundice, or an inter- age. It is observed especially in the upper extremities, but in some cases the palse in the radial, brachial, or carotid artery on one side is one of divalex od ^re to be increased to the amount which will be borne without narcotism,

Mr. B., aged 79, farmer, having always had robust health, retired to bed divalex od 750 ^ircamstances with which it is connected. Occurring in connection with tinued round the base and the meningeal pedicle freed, the latter was quently the first case in a new place is an imported case ; different members

so as to form masses of considerable size, which are appreciable, by palpa- be allowed early in the stage of convalescence, and as soon as their strength

hard, white nodules ; the same were present in larger numbers in the lower limbs, and occurred during the febrile period of the disease. The moch oTer-estimated. Each of the measures above ennmerated probably are, or marantic. In a like manner it is difficult to account for these ne- The following experiment is interesting as showing how acetanilid, stages. The development of the meningitis may be preceded by the symp- ful in gaining and maintaining his exalted position in society