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Veterinary College; Oculist and Auristto St. Martha's

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" Avant pen de jours", said to-d.ay's military chronicle, " la France

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question asked. She was quite unable to stand. The heart-sounds were

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due to collateral innervation, any deficiency being supplied by neigh-

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There was, in one of the men's wards, an interesting case of Para-

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of this violent impulse there could be no doubt. I checked it in every

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relating to the life of Fracastorius are to be obtained

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to fight for it. In a no less noble, though less militant spirit, the

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tuberculosis or some other infectious disease like pneumonia, rheu-

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the importance and utility of these district meetings. Members living

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a few dark brown patches were all that remained, at others the blood

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some search, however, a calculus of the size of a hemp-seed was found

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follows in a few hours, the heart beats becoming less powerful and

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hat on the face, favoured this view; but no motive was made out.

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17 deaths, 8 occurred from anesthesia produced for somewhat slight,

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from the ethmoid bone extending into the nasal cavity, generally along

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thousand sublimate solution and dressed with tannoform.

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must not be worsted by such a case as this. There is

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toth in its influence over the profession and in the attention which it

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the parts could not be separated with a director ; it was necessary to

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To the Members of the Briiish Medical Association, now for the first

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Remark. — Although the disease was remarkably obstinate we did

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in this matter, may witness such as will appear scarcely short of a

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pital for Sick Children, Newcastle, ^1,000 ; Blind Asylum, Newcastle,

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than others is, that he understand! diseases and medicines. Those who

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On the i6th the temperature was 39'4° C. Respiration was less

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Dr. Wilks considered the former a very harmless remedy, but had a