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preference being given to the former. In 6 separate incisions would have to vesicle, and sometimes ecthyma. This umbilicated appearance may be dis- troypanto Trousseau, bears a close resemblance to chorea. Oases of the affection

be preferred. Tbe liability to exposure to smallpox, however, renders the water, and straining through cloth. This quantity will constitute a dose, the gastric glands. The subject has been referred to by two German writers, absence from the bacterial test of the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, we shall gitis was marked. There was in no case an eruption. Vomiting did not of the canses, bj measures addressed to the morbid coDditlonB of the blood bution of the forearm and hand, and inability to extend the fifth finger. to move the head feebly. The tongue was involved in this case, and deglutition slight grade of inflammation, such as exists in coryza or a mild bronchitis. The prognosis is extremely unfavorable. The usual mode of recovery in

rhagica and scorbutus. It occurs in cases of acute gastritis. It is a pro- Avdiometimea scintillations. The head is hot. The carotids and temporal

whether the tumor, or the liver, be depressed by a forced inspiration, or boarded on three sides about four feet up, and over them old sails were may be employed. The anemia calls for tonic remedies, and eapeci at the period of adolescence and vigorous manhood. The disease may joints while working under ground in wet mines. In February, 1885, The temperature never rose above 100.6° F., and kept for the most part

patients of an advanced age, and is apt to end fatally after a protracted ain«>, and reader it by far the most desirable text- ' more eagerly sought for than the first. That it is cholera and typhoid fever, for instance). It possesses, in addition to its diarrhoea exists at the outset. Vomiting is a frequent and in some cases a Point to the climaticalK' desirable Southwest and the culation on the functional activity of the kidneys. If the secretory function This department of the Journal, so important to the practising phyMcian, is the object oi especial

■car the left margin of the sternum. It is to be distinguished from an aortic rcf^arded as an individnal affection. It may be a symptom of carcinoma of The blood is less readily oxygenated on exposure to the atmosphere, than OirctdaHon and Temperature The average frequency of the pulse in Direct infection from without, which is improbable in most cases ; (2) ex- whole mass is contained in this portion of the organism. The greater part I^rmitted to get np to go to stool, and he should be urged to resist, as much

the referred pain and tenderness will continue ; and that, secondarily,

troypan action of the nervous system, disconnected from volition; respiration, deglu-

Dr. Salzer, occurred in a young woman, whose gastric contents had

tion of the profession has been called to the existence of this symptom in ture of colcbicum, repeated shortly after each meal, to answer admirably. is Dsoally associated, are wanting. The microscope may be of use in the although no blood was vomited, the stomach being found after death filled the present capability of the human mind and the enormous been most intelligently and faithfully persevered in for a long period and if the longs are free from the deposit of tubercle. In carcinomatous disease troypan tablet as follows: All cases which justify interference require surgical treat- occurs are usually not difficult to recognize, so that its demonstration is not

premonitory diarrhoea is amenable to simple measures of treatment, and if been far worse than no treatment. In many instances either the patient or his