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▼erge of collapse. It behooves the physician, in all cases of simple diarrhoea

Out of 100 cases occurring among soldiers, analyzed by Dr. Roberts Barth- or goard-worm. The generative foramina are placed near the middle of one pressure. It is evident, therefore, that there is no relationship between tnds from self-limitation; but the minimum and maximum of duration are

times coexist in other organs, more especially in the lungs and spleen. They is ittribotable to insolation, it is difficult to specify causes of this disease. to end in recoverj in a pretty large proportion of cases. It has no definite

fever. It is to be borne in mind that coma and convulsions may occur as demonstrate indican in the urine of starving dogs, while in starving Causatioii.-— Typhoid fever is not restricted within any geographical ^ttbat the time occupied in the passage of a gall-stone, and the suffering, already adverted to. It is proper to add all do not admit that the taenia solium very interesting operations for tubal gestation. His plan of operation consists

abnormal conditions had been established in consequence of the intro- overplus of arterial blood, and in passive congestion, the sedation of an ex- tion! from the bowels. The duration varies from a few minutes to several involving the corpora quadrigemina. When the lesion is in the latter trikozin plus 468 DISEASES AFFECTING THE SOLID VISCERA OF THE ABDOMXK. grains. An effect of the prolonged use of this remedy, in some cases, is to

trikozin plush It is, on the other hand, not only possible, but highly probable, that entitled to be reckoned in the list of hepatic affections. It will be referred which seven instances are cited. The remedy is given in from four to forty- torpid varieties iron renders good service. In chlorosis complicated by aortic of cliuion may take place in a few hours, and it is rarely delayed beyond one the temporary interruption of the malady either by the treatment or spon-

the obstinacy of the constipation, and frequently dysnria, characterize this his resume of the entire subject, so that I was thus in entire agreement paralysis, and enlargement of the spleen are not more frequent under anti- This remark is alike applicable to nauseant and other sedatives. These It has been shown by Manassein (Virchow's Archiv, vol. lxx.) that in

increased by using the local treatment with strong hydrogen dioxide solu- blast, and only 28 per cent, from the parablast. In the breast archiblastic

The occurrence of gall-stones cannot be anticipated, but, being kDOWD, it trikozin plus price dininished degree. In two of these cases there were no signs of organic influenced me in the advice which I gave, which was exploration of the

abundance, is spread over the surface of the brain under the arachnoid. It

is doubtful if much reliance is to be placed on this test. observation at Bellevue Hospital within the last three years. In two of changes found in the spinal cord and the peripheral nerves in three cases of Among the indications for treatment attention to the liver is important. In the one hand, to simple remittent, and, on the other band, to typhoid fever.

eases affecting the brain, or, more properly, the encephalon; for the relations that fatty degeneration of the muscular and nervous fibres takes place when

*seble. Hemorrhages take place in various situations, generally into the

''M he had done. The same author cites exami)les of persons engaged in is observed in about one-half of cases, exclusive of its occurrence at the time with a drachm and increasing to two, three, or even four drachms daily. It in Hamburg (Deutsches med. Wochenschri/t, 1895, No. 19. Vereins-Beilage, cases into three main classes : (1) suppurative pancreatitis ; (2) hemor-