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cision made in the median line. As bladder did not dilate

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tumor in the left cerebellar hemisphere. Both tumors

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and no officer of the University ever dreamed of any


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stroyed. On experimenting with the typhoid bacillus,

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cal Association. The Society was definitively founded

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hroughout the entire city of Canton there is scarcely

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and quickly cured when recognized, and also to the class

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showed the same general features. There was no urine

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he had had no infectious disease; preceding the attack

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He considered the features of the bacillus pestis, its

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flatness was at the upper border of the fifth rib; the lower

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of acute sensitiveness, muscular spasm, night cries

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stomach it caused, in the midst of painful efforts,

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tories were unimportant except that he had never been

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mental difference that the cause of tuberculosis is

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ent unsatisfactory arrangements made it necessary for

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with service in a hospital in which there was a high

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solution will sustain the heart for a varying length

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doubted poliomyelitis is strongly suggested by this

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E. May, hospital steward. Appointed pharmacist from

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cases of typhoid on the watershed or along tributary

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in the clinically recovered or the immune cases that

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before Polit/er wrote this edition of his handbook.

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that, in operating, one should give the lower frag-

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vernalis does not, but rather enhances it. Schlesin-

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moisture and sometimes the presence of ozone due to

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Dr. E. H. Bradford has been appointed visiting orthope-

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direct the student in thorough, careful observation

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New York City, and was born Oct. 3, 1817. From 1848 to 1888

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power to hold me indefinitely. You are trying to burv

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he was weaned at fourteen months and put on general