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respirations are frequent in proportion to the severity of the case. In

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Beesley's case of death from disease after parturition, 111

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parox3^sm. A medical friend, however, has related to me a case in which

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which, address the Secretary of Faculty, Prof. T. M. T.

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Whether pure or mixed the gas is sold at the uniform price of 5 cents a gallon. The cost of the cylinders will be r efaPQ efe

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of applying to an insurance office to know how long he is to live !

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of diseases ; for it not unfreqnently happens that causes continue to be

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into the laryr; ^, and being drawn thence into the air-cells. It has been

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of Brookl}^!, sudden death followed perforation of the lung, the discharge

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sustain and overcome disease ; and in the management of diseases, it is

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stances, an attempt ma}' be made to secure for the stomach complete rest,

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tific measures. This institution is founded on the v.-ell-

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Send for free book of 72 pages giving articles by the following contributors :

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pellets, semi-transparent, and of a jelly-like consistence. Cough and

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to have reported, in connection with the above cases, others of a

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The disease ma}' exist for an indefinite period without notable emaciation

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Cylinder, 100 gallons' capaci^ •••••»••.••••••••• 15.00

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marked by symptoms which could not fail to create a good deal

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are addressed, not to the disease per se, but to the symptomatic pheno-

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both sides, are indicative of the existence of the disease, but the absence

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been studied after this method may be mentioned typhoid and typhus

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chronic affection. A rare variety of tuberculous disease is distinguished as

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bronchitis generally coexists, cough and expectoration are habituall3^ more

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Only adyertised in Medical and Pharmaceutical printi.

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soothing remedies are called for. Opium, however, is to be prescribed

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few at tlie present time accept the conclusion of Virchow. Iodine with-

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implies that the inflammation is limited to the colon, whereas the rectum

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same palliative measures as when the}" proceed from dilatation of the heart.

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of rain. It is derived from observations-made and recorded at the

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Dose : — From one teaspoonful to a tablespoonful, in water, three or more times daily

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when these are moderately flexed — as much flexed as tbey are

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to physicians desiring to try our preparation, and who will pay express charges, we will

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that the nervous system should be kept in tone. Other-

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shown by modifications of the signs denoting solidification. The t3ron-

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and on account of the imperfect eucceee so often attending their

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