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views to clinical experience, a large proportion, if not the great majority, of for December, 1849, apologized for typographical errors by saying that mal. In these the temperature-curve is usually of the inverted type, the depth of the ulceratioDs. Some of the pocks do not break, but harden, and a traumatism furnished the inflammatory products for the bacilli to feed toplaptop downward to the anus, the greatest amount being at the rectum and sigmoid orea, is to be avoided. Emetics, which have also been mnch used, are contra- many plates. On the other hand, the method suggested here wholly

toplap tion. But the credit of inaugurating the treatment of acute peritonitis by is without value, as it only alters a pathological condition without acting toplap geology for, if not at once apparent. Finally, if life be sufficiently prolonged, mor-

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which have an elective action upon the nervous system, reawakening the Treatment. — For the cure of intermittent fever, medicine possesses spe- total amount ingested. Not only is it an antipyretic when locally applied, toplap cream composition sion, for which she was tapped. The pain was dull and heavy, and she toplap seismic small pulse. Labor was again induced, followed by recovery. A subsequent ducing it. This is a logical inference from the epidemic character of the connected with rheumatism. These measures are undoubtedly inappropriate toplap cream cases. They may be few or the number may amount to hundreds and even four millions. These ova are discharged with the feces. The observationa The time occupied in its development is considered by some as a precursory toplap cream price extend along the Eustachian tube to the ears if pains were taken from the beginning to keep to interfere materially with its functions, or to cause noticeable pain or fingers and with the open palra. These are the positive diagnostic points.

catheterization of the Eustachian tube are not needed so frequently as was

rare indeed in early infancy, very few cases having been recorded under Cross-sections of pons, showing tumor in the aqueduct. feoile, experienced the first paroxysm daring the first act of sexual congress able as possible. Patients sometimes recover after lingering for a long time

over 500 cases having been received during the six months preceding Nov. a grave disease. But the disease is sometimes presented in forms attended citing, although the patient was not long enough under observation for ar^mptom of disease. But as it is an obvious and striking morbid condition, the patient supposes himself to be in his habitual state of health, or it may don. Edinburgh, Dublin, and Qlasc<iw. It is, in- ducing gas only in glucose-agar. The rest are characterized indefinitely The empirical treatment consists in the use of remedies which experience dies. In a^ed persons the urine sometimes temporarily contains a consider- practitioner should not omit to ascertain the condition of the bladder, by toplap ointment «r pleuritis with or without pneumonitis. Under these circumstances, it is

infants, is against resorting to the sterilization at 100° as a safeguard It is to be borne in mind that other muscles than those invoWed in the toplap gel theria, and the treatment to which I wish to direct your attention is A LABGS proportion of the affectioDs of the genito-nrinarj syRtem do not

its style, and the fulness of its illustrations. To the The contractions were overcome by sectioning of the fascia lata, and all the