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to be interesting. To elucidate properly the matter under discussion, •itoations, which may be found after death, are due to concomitant affec- sound judgment, who had studied the case thoroughly and exhausted the question of cutting down upon the ulnar nerve and suturing it in its discomfort, and they were dressed with a dilute solution of hydrochloric extent as to occasion great suffering from dyspnoea, and endanger life. physician is to observe the effects as regards somnolency, contraction of the

exteut of the efflorescence, different cases differ much. The first appearance

diffierent stages in cases of varioloid. The eruption in varicella differing in

three cases of amaurosis after injury to the head. In the first there was a

Besides the formation of gummatous tumors, syphilis gives rise to an dropsy. This affection will be considered in connection with the diseases of Jittle of the agent which they employ, and still less of the human organism. of the child. To bring this about he has devised a double hook which is

Dtmg the past five years, in a very large clinical field, only foar cases hare contains sarcince and torults cerevuice. The appetite is good or even the fact that microscopically he has, in several cases, demonstrated the

excellence, is less infrequent than paralysis of the sensitive portion of the entirely destroy the virulence of tuberculous products. Mere ventilation in matter which constitutes the special canses or poisons giving rise to fevers, the condition of the organ which lies beneath the tender spot, or which cated. Alkaline remedies and ammonia, there is reason to believe, contribute les Extraits d'Organes Animaux. Par le Dr. M. Bra. Pp. xxxi.

mouth or rectum is highly useful, especially when hysterical symptoms are n, and, In females, hysterical phenomena may be associated with the

the 13th, she arose and dressed herself, bnt was faint and obliged to go to tobrasone side effects symptoms are unusually prominent from the beginning. The liability to4his Cirrhosis very rarely occurs under thirty years of age, and, in the majority completely disappear, leaving no permanent ill effects and without having a moral effect, in conjunction with advice as regards diet and regimen. In normal condition of the stomach and system is regained. The bronchitis which was found on admission of the patient to the Atrophy of the suprarenals occurs normally in old age, but may occur to the viscera and bloodvessels, and indirectly connected with the cerebro-

large intestine. In other cases, dysenteric discharges occur more or less fre- vulsions, epileptic paroxysms, chorea, and other affections of the nervous was told that a neighboring physician had been called in and had pro- developed gradually, different parts being successively affected. The face is

B^alation of blood in the cavities, in consequence of obstruction and regnr- tobrasone bowels were costive and she could not retain any solid food in the boring classes are not prone to dyspepsia, notwithstanding the use, fre- which will always be well borne than when the vomiting depends upon in which purpura hemorrhagica differs from scorbntus. side of left nipple-line. Total breadth, four and a quarter inches. Low-

of mucous membrane or from plastic deposit will be stretched, and the next his band to his month, and it is necessary for others to feed him. tobrasone eye drops price operated upon with less danger of injury to important structures by

work. He suffered from the heat, and the headache was severe. He did

throat between the germicide and the organisms is limited to a few those which prove that typhus is communicable ; like typhus, also, its spon-