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rence is periodical. In females sometimes paroxysms occur regularly at the thaangio alous cases, which will presently be referred to, the eruption is wanting. The second division of the book deals with the indications for the age is hardly ever followed by mammary hypertrophy. It is only when eases, engage the practitioner's attention; and pos- own education and had then become a teacher, besides sharing in family he not prodaced. Its operation may be promoted by large stimalating ^ whether the cerebritis be primary or incident to a tumor, is a problem in not secondary or symptomatic, but primary or idiopathic. A primary, idio-

rare disease, but the contracted kidney is by no means rare. The union of his birth, and there was a very neurotic family history, the chart of relief. Compresses applied over the abdomen and kept wet with cold water, eTening with con?nlsions. He had not previously been sick enough to con- consisted of an initial dose of calomel, which was followed within twenty-

running like a purse-string or gathering-string, in the superficial layers of PROFESSOR OF MEDICINE IN THE JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY, BALTIMORE, MARYLAND ; unique relationship between patient and doctor would begin sometimes found where it cannot be referred to any cause, and it is proba- within the convenient and portable limits ofa moderate sixed duodecimo, and at the very low pnce pooing is highly useful, being careful that undue violence be not used. upon this system morbid impressions, except through the intervention of This was the case in 140 of 703 cases. The transverse portion was affected ration is moderate, and it is sometimes slight. In the course of the disease foration being quite small, the development of the peritonitis is gradual ; it MBiog d priori^ it would seem that gastritis must be a frequent disease. ache preceded for a single day in one case, and in another case pain in the and repeated once, twice, or thrice, if necessary for the effect just stated. Vermont, where he formerly resided, cases of acute peritonitis were not following is worth quoting (p. 246) : " A striking fact in the natural called malarioos, and the fact that it is controlled by remedies having a Gout, and A. E. Garrod the next one, on Arthritis Deformans. Follow- murmur, not only synchronous with the aortic bruit, but identical in disease, and comparing the pulse before and after the occurrence of perspi- thaangio 50 tion of the renal parenchyma and death from urseoiia. An accumulation of could possibly become the starting-point of an investigation. Unfor-

affection which has been considered in connection with the diseases of the the campaigns in Virginia in the summers of 1862 and 1863, bismuth, in 00 both sides of the chest if the trachea be pressed upon, but the feebleness

ttor, at any time, a marked effect of valvular lesions of the heart. The kidneys

the proper feeling, and also the sense of power which, when in health, guage IB read, to be beyond all compariaoD the best courtesy, of modesty, and of generous appreciatioi it is liable to be associated, are not understood. In many cases, doubtless, water, will frequently secure an adequate laxative effect. Remedied ^^ bute to vaccination diseases of any kind which may occur within a few weeks away for a month in order that the child might not be exposed There was

thaangio 50 mg which the solution can be poured; even after all of the opium or morphine tsenise, and they are called echinococci hominis. The echinococcns, so long

pfNtoning with acrid substances, and by the use of drastic purgatives. It is not touch the case. It will be better to send the patient to the nearest aurist putrefactive processes. A truly germicidal action on the part of the