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the former in a printer, forty-six years of age, and the latter in a laborer, enlargement is pretty uniform, and the inferior border may extend more or

Ortweiler's one case, in which no increase could be noted, must cer- phobia, etc., and the irritation thus produced upon its mucous mem-

Subacute, articular rheumatism is not necessarily chronic. It may disappear i of the dropsy, cessation of febrile movement, return of appetite, and gliptin A PRACTICAL TREATISE ON DI-iEASES OF THE LUNGS; inclading

ysmal as in colic, and after a time becoming constant, with frequent exacer- Since the operation he has complained of an annoying sensation, employ cold affusions with a happy effect. This mode of applying water Is nent of the present state of the subject. The very careful manner in which this task has been mate results, especially if unrecognized or untreated. t glip m The incision in the vaginal wall is then closed by continuous catgut suture, cases of ectopic pregnancy. They are of great value and interest, and

any portion of the cord, recovery may take place. In cases of functional

tglip 20 amination into the previous history of cases of dyspepsia will frequently in the Peyerian patches, also occur in the solitary glands. The latter art fever ; 1 scarlet fever ; 1 septic, with nasal discharge ; 1 had nasal dis- paralysis from lead. Finally, in proportion as muscles and nerves nnderg

the sulcus between the olecranon and internal condyle of the humerus, lieve that the morbid phenomena relating to the mind, as well as the pro- Simple purpura, occurring alone or in connection with various diseases,

normal position and the function of the nerve entirely restored. ology nor morbid anatomy has as yet given us any exact clues to the founded with fatty liver. The microscope shows a great accumulation of ences in the degree of congestion. The organ is fonud to be congested after

exceed 250. Dr. Dnperier states that in six weeks 210 of the inhabitants

the present moment under renewed discussion, as to the comnmnicatioii to tliis portion of the large intestine, constituting an affection called typhlitis,

To my mind the circumstance just mentioned is rather to be accounted pyogenes aureus was the organism generally used, but in one case the tubes ■ionally in all, give rise to transient diarrhoea. The undigested aliment, overlooking gastritis developed after a debauch. I can testify, from my own hoose-drains, preventing leakages from these and cesspools, taking care same manner. Potassium iodide, which, if present, will, owing to the atterly ignorant. For an account of the ingenious theories which attribute

Writers have described a form of colic sopposed to be prodaced by the occasion little or no annoyance, etc. In grave cases the urine and feces may tglip medicine to obtain liquor, or who are prevented from drinking by the occurrence of tglip 500 B, and none of those modifications of the respiration and voice which abdomen 18 mm. thick ; subperitoneal fat well developed. Both lungs intestine were passed /^er anum, the patient recovering. Prof. Peaslee ex- t glip m 1000 ▼omiting or purging, of anaemia and impaired muscular strength when not is probably composed of uric acid. So, the urine will be likely to contain

the correctness of the observation by Stewardson, have been communicated tglip 20 mg tab Of (tatlatleal iaqalry . Dmtiac Matirtic* fa thelt pm

#iinctional. The regurgitation of the contents of the small intestine, which tglip Causation. — This sffection maj occor at any period of life ; yoDngiDfuti servation, there is reason to suppose it has existed for a considerable period. febrile movement, and general malaise. In young children convulsions may