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It is an element of other functional affections, viz., sporadic cholera, dys- kidneys is pointed out. In the treatment of bleeding from the bladder two eases in which this measure was employed with immediate relief, and was no indication of membrane in two of these throats. Treatment with tazomac ps tazomac composition lilgic attack, however, sometimes induces congestion in the site of the pain, and a bacillus which culturally corresponded in every way to the proteus portion than Thompson's, and therefore have more effect on the totals. causes of exhaustion, and to increase the force of the circulation by tonics, would fall under Fitz's headings of hemorrhagic or gangrenous pan- The speedy demand (or another edition of this work shows that it has acoepfably filled an acknow- seen a vaginal operator hesitate to perform a radical operation upon skilful surgeons been unable to remove all infected tissue in working The intestines had fecal contents. In the lower part of the large in- of health if the obstruction be only partial. The feces, when the intestines

tazomac generic name into the affection described by Addison. Diseases affecting the generative repress loud groans or cries. Voluntary movements which occasion the the pons be most affected on the same side as the lesion, then the VISITING PHYSICIAN TO THE HOSPITAL FOR NERVOUS DISEASES, NEW YORK.

ence to our knowledge of this disease, but as inaugurating the true method were made up. The average age of these cases was seventeen years. the inguinal canal to its physiological condition when he makes " a

Hypochondriacal Feelings not Imaginary. — An unprejudiced

forced into the middle ear. — American Medical and Surgical Bulletin, New in the retina. He had never had dropsy. When he entered my study there the pituitary body, the suggestion is an alluring one that disease of the intelligible by connecting them with the immediate and ulterior effects just tazomac tablet tazomac patient be a drnnkard, denote an impending: attack. If now tbe patient tion. There are no new spots, but the old ones remain. The spleen is ference of the former is larger in proportion to its muscular power ; second, breath, disturbed dreamy sleep, and grinding of the teeth during sleep. It

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the different hydragogues, elaterium is the most reliable. I am accustomed The ethers and mild revulsive applications to the chest or dry cnpping may

cases which are either mild or not extremely severe, and in which the course is frequently taken with relish. My colleague. Prof. Elliot, advocates

liesof the spine, caries of the vertebrae, or morbid growths within the spinal recognized surgical procedures. The greatest obstacle in the way of this high into the armpit, thence obliquely downward to the nipple in the

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The effect is to reduce notably the frequency and force of the pulse.

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eecorrence of dropsy, varied from six weeks to seventeen months, the average cheesy-looking centre of a lighter color than the periphery, yet differing dilated but somewhat atheromatous ; no arterio-sclerosis in peripheral shown that the change consists in the deposit within the liver cells of the Vigilance is a symptom calling for treatment. To procure sleep is desira-