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mittee of Arrangements for the International Homceopathic Congress of 1886. — Ed.

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by the present bullets, and of the antisepsis or asepsis of

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New York City, both being members of Kane Lodge No. 454, Free and

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S. H. Colburn, M.D., has removed from Worcester to North Brookfield, Mass.

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ness. He is a conscientious practitioner, and socially is a

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and the leading societies abroad, and is the inventor of a

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turbance. That the influence of cold is often, though not always, important

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battles of his youth o'er again " to the eager and beloved audi-

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ment by citing the cases of three men whom he had rejected for

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clusion of theory, is now followed in every department of medi-

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Cases," which was read at the Academy of Medicin:;,