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ovarian dysmenorrhoea ; after operation, and when the parts
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classes of towns. It must be remembered that in the larger
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leprosy by means of the offspring. Ei:,'hteen carefully pre-
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diatel.ycame oown ag.ain. It was evidently theappendix. He had a truss
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cent, of sugar. ■■• Acetone present." I may mention that Dr. Molony first
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The Royal Engineer officers, who do not go to India for
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has enablnd us to compile the foregoing statements, namely :
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deformity, the extensor tendon was noted as being prominent
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lesion ; although there wis the circumstance, to which the
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blood. The lungs were considerably congested. At the
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Professor of Surgery and Clinical and Operative Surgery, Grant Medical
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Renny, Esq.. formerly H B.M. Consul. Russia, and of Mrs. Renny,
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the President, occupied the chair, and twenty other members
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earliest sign which causes me to take a gloomy view of a case is
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treatment of the placenta in cases of advanced tubal gesta-
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public do not consider it necessary to wait until grievous injury
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upon the use of the icebag applied, not directly, but over two
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lay the question of revaccination fully before their patients,
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the case of John Burns, charged at Bow Street police court with refrac-
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in our own country the Congress of the British Medical
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1 in West Ham, 1 in Leicester, and 1 in Birminphara; .5ij6 smallpox
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BmcKE (E ), CUMMINGS (W.), Helmholtz (H.), Ruete (C. G.). Das
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Army Medical Service who asked certain concessions whicli
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and oaining information regarding the distribution and
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officially discharging professional medical duties in Ireland, who, though
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MOLVNEUX, Harold Joseph, L.R.C.P., L.M.Edin., M.R.C.S., reappointed
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tions, sueli as those of Traube and others, which suppose
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attendant soon noticed the nature of the illness, and the patient was
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body may be due to the production in it of ammonia by
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tenstall ; Mr. D. Gotz, London ; Dr. R. N. Goodman, Kingston-on-
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to a dangerous extent ; the danger is almost always that too