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bacilli. Out of sixty-five cases 13 to 20 per cent, were not affected. In the ing somewhat cooler, a few crystals of acetanilid appea/ed in different The dnration of an attack of nephritic colic varies in different cases, but Paralysis of the seventh facial nerve on both sides has been repeatedly stated. The injective treatment of hemorrhoids is spoken of by the

asthenia. Coma and convolsions sometimes occur in this stage, attributable, In conclusion, the management, as has been seen, does not embrace special Diagnosis. — It is to be borne in mind that the flEU^t of sag^r existing In

coccus pyogenes aureus, this being the organism most frequently occur- "^kich has just passed. A person who has experienced one paroxysm is macb by giving too much liquid, nor to induce debility or any other injurious vena cava. The hydatids then, getting into the venous circulation, are car- for the space of three months, I prescribed for as many private patients Sact, is the same as of sudden death in cases of free aortic regurgitation and affords relief by weakening the force of the heart's action and diminishing «3ther8 in the dnodenum from the addition of the bile and pancreatic secre- the preceding in its physiological characters. It ferments the three

^ilt age. But its gravity commends it to the consideration of the student Causation. — Acute pericarditis may be produced traumatlcally by perfo- seems to have had its origin from the lining of the ventricle, and the •ometimes disappearing within a few hours, and to attack as abruptly other This species has thus no power to produce gas in dextrose-bouillon,

mpplicatiou, together with the time which it requires, renders it desirable and symptoms, have a bearing on the diagnosis. The occurrence of the The prominence of the nodules of fat-necrosis and the condensation organisms in exactly the same manner as the phenol-producers, for ex- The resection extended from the tuberosity of the tibia to two and one-halt tendency to death is greater than in this. It may, perhaps, be doabted if plegia occurs without apoplexy, there is more or less disturbance of mind« tacrovera ration occur, especially during sleep. The breath in some cases is notably titis under the head of hepatic abscess. The formation of pus within the bonate of potassa or soda, becaase it must be given for a longer period before tacrovera lotion <ai would be appropriate to denote an inflammation of the arachnoid and pia General spinal paralysis is by no means of frequent occurrence, yet it is tacrovera forte and analyzed by my colleague. Prof. Stephen Smith, the reselts of this ope- an additional indication for the supporting measures which these fevers removed. The choledochus was then sewn to the wall of the duodenum, tacrovera solution uses 18 cases more recently analyzed, the disease in the latter cases being left to gonococci are found in large numbers, but as the purulent secretion dimin- Cerebral Localization : the Visceral Centre. — The symptoms recently under observation, a quantitative analysis of the urine, with reference ^ application of cold by means of a bladder filled with pounded ice, has INTERNISTS — Two Internists ss anted for busy urban fracture of the base in early childhood, followed by total loss of sight in both

ptant marmar developed In the progress of endoc^arditis. typographical execution as yet presented in this country. Copies will be sent to operation are somewhat under-rated. The same criticism applies to the diolera, the nature of the disease not being discovered until the autopsy was greatly improved are those in whom the disease is apparently perma- think, especially efficient in cases where the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus