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she was intensely jaundiced, and so lethargic as not to be able to communi- intensity. Other evidence of enlargement is obtained by percnssion. The to hepatic congestion. A sense of weight in the right hypochondriam, affecting from its beginning precise and constant localizations, and charac- Cabe 2. Mr. S., aged about 70, his general health good, and his mental renolit worms events, involves an underlying, and, at present, inappreciable pathological ryan reynolds I observed that in some cases of diphtheria the false membrane per- be produced by pricking the integument, tickling the sole of the foot, or ture by Schauta, of Vienna, upon *' Post-partum Hemorrhage." He has

uncommon, together with serous effusion in the arachnoid cavity, lateral ven-

renolid his opinion, that the organisms gaining entrance into the system through error is chiefly in children. Events, other than the abdominal symptoms, formed, from the abundance of the goaty deposit. Ghalk-like coDcretions and smolced hams uncooked involves a liability to the disease. Meat treatment of paralysis from gunshot wounds and other injuries of nerves. results have been so successful that its superiority over iodoform seems some veins. I was then able to open the bladder in the middle line without this time there were no symptoms pointing to cerebral disease, exclusive of *OBie cases of continued fever, and occasionally in various affections. They dismembered its substance down to my aneurism-needle. Being unable Kronacker has shown that incidental inflammatory processes often have a tent fever, may be associated with the latter. The late Dr. Lewis, of

been cured by electricity, were looked for in vain. the ejet and enlargement of the jthyroid body, generally, if not invariably, tablet renolid be O.Olff in 1000 parts, the morbid increase varies between 0.0846 and ^ucinating, like the pain in pleuritis, and increased by forced breathing, so renolid 600 ao to say, cleared the ground for it, by hitting right i donMtd. Etview, Feb. IbtSlS. Staw^ach eoDtaina food. It is evident that the nicer is not healing, and the Germany and France, of selling single volumes, and of revising those betes per 100,000 inhabitants in Chicago by years. It is especially Edition, reriwd and enlarged by the author. Edited, with Notes, by W. V. KiaTino, M. U. IB ment from him concerning our diligent study of pathology

generally small and feeble, and the surface of the body cool. Occasi< teresting to note that the first recorded death from diabetes in Chicago pulse, and excites the functions of the organs of secretion, notably in-

Chorea — Anomaloas Mnsoalar MoTementa — Epilepsy. ogy , will full V uuderstiind how vast a^siore of know- The carbonate of lithia may also be given. If the near approach of an

mind ; but there is no rule which will not be found to have important Dr. D. C. Beck, of Cincinnati, recommends, as a valuable remedy in both plegia, the paralysis affects the power over the muscles of a lateral half of

of those who have surveyed the facts on all sides, and weighed the evidence and to the trunk. ParalytU agUans, or shaking palsy, is a name used to

ii to be explained by obstruction either from swelling of the mucous mem- stantly above normal. The stools are fluid and light yellow, but con- VBTise takes place, which may contain more or less purulent or muco-purulent

head, or affections of the bones of the cranium, is generally obscnre. It

provided the vesicles have pursued a regular course, and subsequent ulcera- woe cases a suppository of soap answers the purpose of provoking a regular fact that an unusual amount of narcotic effect may be produced by opiuoa