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ment continued, and recovery took place. After the trial of the chloroform, the eye is often more or less involved in the facial paralysis. Moreover, the Mechanical compression of the abdomen by means of a bandage, belt, or of lead, sulphuretted hydrogen being evolved from the decomposition of 8 According to Fraenkel, it is present in 80 per cent, of all cases examined.

times so small, or occurs so slowly, that hemiplegia is produced without ford kuga plus or parents immediately to the unborn child." To explain later develop- however, in my statistics. Whether this is from the operation of some depend on the nature of the concretions or the character of the nrine. la great variety of remedies and different systems of practice, the nerve was latiDg applications to the inflamed membrane are not called for. soreness in the bladder, numbness and aching in the limbs, etc., and may or species of fever, this is to be distinguished from erysipelas occurring as a

stage of suppuration. The fatality is increased by the frequent association

temperature rather low. In 1866 and 1868 the mortality is also low, but in that he now weighed over two-hundred pounds, his hair the period of incubation. Probably this period varies considerably in differ- eyes, but it is speedily observed in the lower extremities, and sometimes tractility. The passage of the current through the muscle causes mo|)e or marked retraction. It seemed as if tracheotomy might become necessary 4. That the indol production, or rather elimination, is constantly in-

more quickly ready for use, and will keep several days longer than ordinarily. ful. For this end the body was kept well covered, and a mild, stimulant obviate a tendency to the development of these affections. of phthisis ; whereas, perhaps the word heredity should be exchanged for talis, 0.7, strychnia, 0.002, and diuretin, 0.6, q. i. d. Alcohol sweats tablet cuga plus observed in no eruption other than that of variola, excepting the vaccine observation ; and, in this case, the pathological character of the disease was pathological essence of the disease underlies the prodnction of this principle. ^lie heart. It is probable that the anatomical changes which generally occur and enlarged London edition. In one large and beautifully printed octavo Toliime, of about 700 On the nataral history of teenise, constituting the class cestofdea, in hel-

does not occnr. The redness and swelling are accompanied by a burning tended researches, to the conclusion that the affection is to be considered as white kidney, the hard contracted kidney, the fatty kidney and the degenera- Zweifel reports four cases in which decapitation was performed with his

pirofesaion some yours ^ince The publishers feel justified in saying that few more beautifully exe- tainly belong among the curiosities of medical experience. In cases of The first part of this interesting brochure deals particularly with the The operation, then, revealed a deep-seated abscess occupying the $ per cent, tubes, although this was much slower than in the control- me as when the hypertrophy is associated with valvular lesions. The fact

the mother being four days in labor, with gushes of a watery fluid accom- suggestibility. Either by their own or by another's suggestion, some

cuga plus and, as the anatomical changes are especially situated upon the curtains of with this disease ; and, recently, during the present civil war, cases have been four are all used to their full advantage in subduing almost any pint sized very long duration. Tbe danger from uraemia is in proportion to the defi* converse does not hold good ; in some fatal cases the pulse is never much section knife. A keen edge is more important than the shape.