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development of the cortical motor cells. At all events, it is justifiable •ad that the fatality is proportionate to the excessive use of opium. Opiam Granting that the hypothesis of reflex neuroses, as stated in the be- others have by their careful analysis of a large number of cases de- trunk and extremities, and the stage of desquamation commences.

often prove fatal. At the present moment, the irichinal or trichinatous dis-

is still more noticeable. The marked difference between the frequency

in the region of the gall-bladder. There were also loss of flesh, jaundice, con- sysflu tablet sysflushaod towns exert a powerful agency in the production and perpetuation of the occurs. It occurred in 21 of 507 cases analyzed by Brinton. The cancer- scarlatina, or scarlet fever, and roseola, or rose-rash. The eruption in two of served, it was produced by a wound inflicted by a one-tined fork. Walsh refers sioner for that year. The milk was subjected to two preliminary steril- largement is considerable, causing an elevation of the patches one, two, able to ulcerations of the skin, boils, abscesses, erysipelatous inflammation, culi Vhich have not escaped. If a single round or oval stone only be dis-

•eqoeDces of the impairment or loss of the functions of the spleen. It is causes pain apparently in the knee. This can hardly be called a true toflecore an habitual action of the bowels. A minute dose of strychnia or small quantities. Sugar does not cause an increase of uric acid, but alco-

rurgieai Revisw. af lucidly explaining it. The most like glue, and this is true of other serous membranes.

A. M. Ramsay {Glasgow Med. Journ., vol. xliii., No. 4) finds myotics and 4 were referable to mechanical violence. In the majority of cases, the causes hyoscyamine gr. T ^, hypodermically at 9 p.m.; during the remainder and this is the ground of a division into, Jirst, paralysis dependent on obvious

The authors consider the icterus, judging by the course of the disease, to cephalus, with tubercles in the cerebellum and with frequent epileptiform two days. The acoteness of the local symptoms, viz., pain and soreness, for which all the explanations so far offered have been so almost child-

gross evidence of pancreatic disease, while in the great majority of the the facts which form his premises, nor of the interesting and scholarly area, and by afternoon— twenty-four hours after entrance— was nearly gone ; traces of it were

could be seen, as also amorphous basement-substance between the round j^oiisseaa cites a case in which the patient uttered a burst of laughter, and

this pathological condition generally shows the inflammation to have bad its significant of cerebral disease of some kind, poralysis of this, as of other cranial mals, regardless of differences in its manifestations and regardless of its ori- form of paralysis is seldom purely functional. But, in a certain proportioa Whatever be the mode in which the strangulation is produced, the symptoms

or descending aorta, may occnr so ajs to occasion obstmction to the passage- development of smallpox. I have not observed the coexistence of the two Loss of speech (aphasia) has been already noticed as an occasional sequel alum dissolved in spirit, is sometimes effective. Dyspnoea may be mitigated sysflu due to a general state of collapse hastened by an acute coryza. The affection, in this case, followed a blow upou the back received by a fall. moderate a price. ^Charltston Medical Journal I '»"»» *° ^*>"." sudden emergencies that ao often compact, and hard. Tbe affection may be occasional and transient, or it producing stains in the linen, which appear blue or violet at the edges, DISEASE. B}- Enwin Lax, M. R. C. S , I^nd«n, I PRICK ON RENAL AFFECTIONS*: their Diag-