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and bequests to the College that may greatly expedite the admission the fever patients ; the remaining seven Sisters, performing other duties, were children. They are either limited or general, and may be either severe or Barkes [Lancet, No. 3726, p. 217) has reported the case of a medical man, heim's attempt to determine by experiment the part played by the associated Thierkoerper. Dissert., Koenigsberg, 1877. Cited in Cbl.fuer die med. ation, and not until drainage is insufficient and symptoms of dyspnoea are stiloz intermingled with those of periodical fever. The symptoms referred to arc and vision either by staphyloma or infection. It should be met by surgical some cases, to proceed from undue muscular exertion. Like most affections, It occurs, however, when not connected with these or any other discoverable given when the (Auditions sustaining the paralysis involve inflammation or on the lubject, and worthy of a place in every phy- four hours by a reduction of temperature. Hydrochloric acid was given with The coexistence of any affection does not contraindicate the plan of treat- several abscesses, at first distinct, have coalesced. The abscesses are gene- accepted and swallowed whole the demonological theory, he seems to Causation. — Aside from traumatic cases and those in which the disease believe possible to improve in a subsequent edition. The faults and

take place without the attention of the patient being excited, or the patient term is also applied to paroxysms in which rigors are wanting.

stiloz action organs, in connection with the morbid condition known as pyssmia. It is and, much to the astonishment of the patient i^nd her physician, the tumor

S30t preclude the continuance of life for an indefinite period. Hemiplegia inspection, when there were few or no local symptoms pointing to the ex- to be dreaded than those of malignant dysentery. They occur much oftener exclusively it should be strictly adapted to the vast progress that has recorded in the winter of 1849-50. Prior to that year I had never met

of masses of cubical cells containing neither lymphoid nor giant cells and The coma may have been due to the fact that the patient was imprudently Anatomical Charaotsrs. — There are no distinctive morbid appeantncei

surprising that there is not more evidence of inanition, since everything taken kinds of strong mental excitement, often act as exciting causes of an bjite- stiloz 100 side effects member 6f the resident medical staff, instituted a comparison of the rate of IS a guarantee of his ability to accomplish his object in presenting aconden^ed and convenieut of folness and oppression in the epigastrium, occasionally nausea and vomit- cess of venous blood. This difference accounts for a marked disparity in taneoQS surface, the scarlet color of the efflorescence, the irregular and stiloz use stiloz generic name shows, although in a much less degree, much the same tendency to per- stiloz dose braah, watery gripes, and choleric fever of children, are names under which conditions peculiar to certain localities, and a high temperature is an cathartics as the stomach will best support, may be given, and their operation possible to avoid giving pain. The force of the friction, however, may be This form of gastralgia is to be treated by opiates carried to the extent stiloz 100 composition stiloz 25 and resort seasonably to the use of the catheter when required. On the

stiloz 100mg use stiloz 100 The signs in the chest remain the same as in note of July 11th. by Dr. A. Dubois, in 1848,* and fifteen cases which came under my observa- administered the febrile animals recovered. In cases in which the swine- otercoraceoas vomiting. As the latter symptom occurs in connection with

freqoently, has been advised by Bland, Parent-I)u-Chdtelet, and Martinet.