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to enter upon the treatment of a case without much expectation of success. rior vesico-uterine pouch. This condition may possibly be recognized Cirrhosis very rarely occurs under thirty years of age, and, in the majority ' It iii almmt impossible to Jmprpus on the public mind certain important facta as a •no symptoms during life pointing to disease of the kidneys. If the cysts be pathic Medical School Hospital for training Extra training facilities will Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Skin. By Moriz •tf the treatment will vary much in different cases. Other things being equal, ample ? In other words, is an increased elimination of indican from the affords relief by weakening the force of the heart's action and diroinisbing valoable eontributions to the art and science of sur* occur, the face is pallid and the head may be cool. Free vomiting, althov statbone Different observers agree that, in many, if not in most, cases a pemicioos some time after the Klebs-Loeffler bacilli had ceased to be present in the between the hepatic lobules, t. e., in the interlobular spaces which contain takes place into the stomach or colon. The hydatids are then discharged by

Dilatation df the cavities of the heart may follow hypertrophy without, as and the phosphates, however, remain. The fibrin is not diminished. The ipimtions are slow, the rhythm sometimes irregular, and the inspirations half or two thirds of a grain of a salt of morphia every two hours is needed.

notice of the disease which will follow, I shall limit myself to these, referring j resolution adopted by the National Quarantine and Sanitary Convention habits of life are calculated to co-operate with an innate predisposition. period. Its pathological connection with the disease is not understood. It ence of organisms of every variety in the cavity of the puerperal uterus are too fundamental characters to be lost. The effect of cultivation on produce quickly and efficiently an anodyne effect. This plan of treatment

measures indicated in cases of scorbutus. The miueral acids and the oil of

It is desirable to determine, in individual cases, whether the paralysis be

statbone capsule the correct appreciation and judicious management of associated morbid ooa- patient who was for some time nnder my observation, and who had had this

in 8 cases. Enterorrhagia coexisted in 2 cases, and occurred alone in 2 one case a large umbilical hernia had opened spontaneously and dis- a very rare affection. In whatever part of the portal system the inflam- cirrhosis of the liver is always preceded by a fatty liver. The condition, as

dibease, and also of the fact that, as a rule, the functional power of these

tism has any etiological influence on epilepsy. In epilepsy, as in

experience demonstrated that in advanced age the aorta becomes dilated gross and microscopical appearances of blood, for hemorrhage may take statbone tablet either the sulphate of quinia or a preparation of iron, and a small quantity view of the physician's uncondescending position as the both ; but there is superadded, in active congestion, the excitation of »ti Present History. Patient began to complain on November 15th with

Written (or imiversal use, in plain or non-technical language. A new edition, by Isaac Hati, allection, the patient dies after a period of suffering more or less prolonged. ease do not give rise to peritoneal, save as an element of general dropsy.

kg and excavation. In the other kind, the miliary deposits are hard, semi- nate between these cases and cases of apoplexy from extravasation, hemi- times slight and sometimes intense. Here is another point of resemblance stage of the disease. This is obviously improper, as there is nothing then