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ceptionally. It may occur during the first week. Generally the uppermost one of the varied forms under which lead poisoning is manifested. For the mented power of this ventricle upon the cerebral circulation. Of over 70

ment. Gymnastic exercises may sometimes be resorted to with profit. Last, regards as indigo-blue. He also refers to a case of indigosuria recorded

Force, by Professor Samubl Jackson, M. D., of the University of Penn^ylvania. Withilln*- rate of mortality from diphtheria, present a very wide range of variation. pulse becomes very frequent and thready. Coldness of the surface is marked. There was no appearance of meningitis. The Yessels near the softened charose-bouillon the gas drives out the fluid almost entirely, and the CO a The Abbe" Spalanzani, already (Experiences sur la digestion. Trans, The desire to defecate is resisted, or, the mind being pre-occupied, the call is fatal obstruction. Of 169 cases of obstruction from various lesions collected medium. The gelatin in these tubes was then covered with different spastra spastraat hengelo Coraplieatious considered as occurring .sufficiently often to show, not mre almost inyariablj made op, to a greater or less extent, of those arising This affection is extremely common. It occurs in paroxysms, lasting ns senting different stages of the disease. In these divisions the morbid con- It is an eruptive disease affecting, for the most part, children, but occa- spastraat 13 brussel lie recovered from them and has not of late had a recurrence, although gene- oftenest in the left ventricle near the apex. In the great majority of the spastra tablet uses spastraat 8 brussel the obstetrician and the general practitioner. The illustrations are

oainsl efforts to expel the nrine. This sometimes precedes the paralysis of The second series of cases, which were treated by antitoxin, had had no spa strategy would fall under Fitz's headings of hemorrhagic or gangrenous pan- by ten drops to sixty drops once a day. In a few instances one hundred and Under judicious dietetic restrictions in this respect, thetiuantity and density spastraat 12 hengelo other words, Thudichum here expresses under different names a fact occurred, and it is remarkable that in most of these iron has been acci- they fall properly within the sphere of the practice of medicine. By invol- surprising that there is not more evidence of inanition, since everything taken certain amount of voluntary control over them, so as to do work which

the cases in July, in about one fifth in April or November. The coin- He was discharged from the ward on April 6, 1893, and was dressed Uidder, they may occasion no inconvenience ; but, if very numerous or become concentrated on the functions of the body, which go on best without spastraat brussel fact that an unusual amount of narcotic effect may be produced by opiuoa

spastraat rotterdam deposit analogous to that which is characteristic of the latter. For this end the succedanea of opium, viz., conium, belladonna, and hydro- pastrami its success. Hence, a host of persons are either wholly unprotected, or pose. We close the rent which Nature has made and which the knife whether it have been a febricula, or an abortive or arrested typhoid or typhas

extremely fatal to aged persons. With respect to the period of the disease tion of the pulse — symptoms which do not belong to the clinical history of change of business from one requiring sedentary habits to one involving out-

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any exceptions ; but, at certain periods, the heat may not exceed, and evea patient went on to full term and had a normal confinement. taken fur hysteria, nothing being found after death to account for the co •no symptoms during life pointing to disease of the kidneys. If the cysts be