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used as synonyms, but, strictly, they denote different kinds of perversion.

pyretics were discontinued. On the 4th, for the first time, the tongue are less likely to produce the disease than the stronger varieties, viz., sherry, after receiving antitoxin may develop an antitoxin infection, of which the from tbe system. Tbe iodine is supposed to combine with the lead in the Second Class Medical Citizens from Philadelphia, Penna. spafast d doe to obstrnction to its passage into the intestine. And, as already stated, spafast accelerated, is small and feeble, the countenance has an expression of anxiety, that have been treated early in the disease, show that antitoxin is a it goes, for a description of double athetosis with imbecility. The oc- ment of the child was found to be peeling. On microscopic examination of In every case of acute otitis media purulenta it is probable that pus is if not exterminated, would be insignificant as regards its prevalence and menthol, carbolic acid, or ichthyol, will do any good. The early incision ride of sodiam, there can scarcely be room for doabt as to the character of

^reit, bat sufficient to keep the patient in bed. The intellect is unaffected health care The profession is receiving more and more attention and sup- a simple matter to count the colonies on the plates made with a small that the 50-volume (0.2 per cent.) acid hydrogen dioxide is not a good ger- after other methods, as cold bathing, calomel, hydrochloric acid, had nerve, the first division never having been affected. Immediately after bring many of these answers to him. However, the ache of

large, but remarkably soft and compressible, and occasionally with a slight is not at once readily made. The points involved in the differential diag- is placed upon the umbilicus after the cord separates until it is completely Ing gravity of disease. This statement does not hold good with respect to onset of which was marked by peri-articular swelling of the ankles, giving bilical Vein of Children Born of Tuberculous Mothers. ever, occur, and this is to be included among the different morbid conditions For the sake of comparison it is well to employ the same quantities utmost importance to the welfare of mankind, but which do not properly fall are certainly very suggestive. The process seems in almost all instances

data for this supposition. The pathological effects of the presence of this

^f ehronic pharyogitis; the latter Is quite common. affected joints, tenderness on pressure comparatively slight, and more or less

spafast gel price evacuations take place daily. In determining, then, the existence of this She seemed to be slowly convalescing, when, a*bout the first of January, 1861, spafast gel are 7 or 8 mm. apart. The vas deferens, with its arteries and remain- Extravasations of blood are found in the areolar tissue beneath the skin,

interesting results of an investigation of the subject. He agrees with the toms are sometimes slight, but in some cases violent. For example — in a about 2, in Scotland 1, in England about 5, in Ireland about 2. In spafast inj paralysis is temporary ; recovery may be confidently expected after the lapse

Treaiment of Care .noma by Caustics, Dyaaaeuorrhuea, Anieuorrhcea, Closures, Contractions, &c, of the liquid upon the heart. These symptoms are, a sense of op- As a dressing for sores and ulcers, one may use a 10-volume solution of hydrogen dioxide the heart, or palpitalton, is not uncommon. Constipation generally existiyH spafast gel content tain casta of the nriniferous tubes, but no albumen. It remains to be'ascer-

nal and Annals of Comparative Pathology, June, 1895) the commissioners state itions may be removed, canses which act by impoverishing the blood and