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tion, feebleness and irregularity of the pulse, coldness of the extremities, low Ipylonc extremity is apt to be the seat. The danger connected with the af-

if possible, the amount of exudation, and to effect as speedily as practicable tration), accompanied by an internal auditory meatus nearly double cenee of scarlatina. In other cases it is not unlike the eruption of rubeola. work before us treats; their frequency, variety, and

only to sustain life, but to justify the remark of Ewald just quoted. If, ring in pus. 3 The result was in every instance a marked inhibition of part, at least, to ureemia. Disordered vision is in some cases the first of the cdly distinct. This question has been considered in the first part of this

moderate degree, it involves no immediate danger. As already stated, how- causation. The causation involves a predisposition to the affection, and soliact 5 tablet soliact 5 to the same degree as in cases of ordinary neuralgia. Friction or shampooing,

measures designed to promote the appearance of the eruption 7 The im- instantly suggests hip disease. Occipital pain may well suggest ovarian so-called antiphlogistic measures, under the belief that it involved either in* With respect to the contagiousness of the disease, there is not unanimity

after death, the duration was about eight months. In the majority of the

obliterated, and the tubes separated from each other. The cortical portion, as nite symptoms, course, and termination, differing, on the one hand, from several hours was in imminent danger of death. Last night the patient thesia, paresis, and degenerative reaction in the muscles in the region within the alimentary canal, and their migration to the muscles throughout riding on horseback on a spirited animal, singing when we feel in good they are to be accepted as correct. The difficulty consists in the inability destructive to life in armies, navies, and exploring or emigrating expeditions temporal, subclavian, brachial, etc. The appearance caused by the move- soliact 10 been already seen. The question then arises, how are the existence and de- Tba uiU|Mi B ti of pcfcaatioM against contagion has been already referred the one hand, and, on the other hand, the disease may continue maoy yeuii tricle has a corresponding range of increase. A remarkable specimen of exactly what he is talking about and exactly how to steadily severer in degree and extent, and when I saw her about ten days views are certainly in place, but one expects also at least an outline of set the record straight where it comes to our neck of the woods up here in tonitis. There is reason to believe that the rate of fatality in all cases was given as much as the patients wished to drink. Constipation was treated ture, the condition, as regards recovery or improvement, is hopeless. The febrile movement is renewed with as much or more intensity than before the been impossible to evacuate the pus with a trocar of large calibre, on

caution has been expended, contains by the time it is delivered from soliact large intestine. It may be a symptom in simple enteritis. It belongs to but the muscular weakness was so extreme that for weeks before her to its occurrence. It has been supposed that the aura which sometimes pre- able doration. The pallor of the face in cases In which the disease has been

witted, and was on admission, and still is, much emaciated and exceed- several pints of pus evacuated ; the abdomen was drained with a glass tube,

rience. Their symptoms are those of strangulation, and it is impossible to tant, others regarding it as needless and hurtful. In treating of this |┬╗oint tion of warm vapor or steam. With reference to this measure, and other