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ties known as bow-legs and knock-knee. The enlargements of the epi-

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by pressure and by active or passive movements. Early in the attack

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to the researches of Pasteur and others it passes up the nerve-trunks

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varies : it is generally about five or six in the evening, but may be much

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presence of fungi. The urine is acid, its specific gravity from 1025 to

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pulse, and various shifting kaleidoscopic anomalies of vaso-rnotor inner-

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is induced. Such treatment is too violent, however, for ordinary pur-

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joints from which has been withdrawn their natural support of muscles

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table. The villainous plaster was discarded, water dressing was ap-

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is essentially one of degree. Both may be due to the same causes, but

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third of these previous to the fourth day. The prognosis as to the indi-

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that it is almost impossible to produce cinchonism. Thus, Wood gave as

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pain, and for the general treatment of diseased conditions), "it were

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distinct influence upon the development of the disorder. Nevertheless,

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when typical physical signs are absent. Of still greater diagnostic impor-

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tensive hydrothorax. If there be a tendency to reaccumulation of fluid,

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spread symptoms of chronic meningitis. The treatment of cervical pachy-

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in which such embolism is likely to occur are chronic endaortitis, valvular

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issued ; the quantity, in twenty-four hours, amounting to four or five

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cause of the bloodlessness, and not the bloodlessness the cause of the sleep.

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toms, or the occurrence of perhaps a fatal accident, enforces attention.

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constipation. If such local applications fail to give relief, opium sup-

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periencephalitis. See article Acute Periencephalitis.

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The treatment may be that of chronic myelitis, with the addition

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tion has been commended by some authorities, but its capabilities for

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been ruptured. That this anastomosis is entirely sufficient for the

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been able to replace it by himself. On the day previous to his coming,

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density and of a dark-red color, becoming grayish-red as compensation

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organs, with the exception of the ovaries, is by no means infrequent, and

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cause of the narroxvijig of tlie cervical canal, '"^ He very properly tells us to

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of poisoning: unless the patient has been lying out in the cold, a pro-

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ful cases, are seventeen cases with three recoveries, or, taking all the

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organic convulsion when a special centre is involved. The aura usually

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the narcosis are atropine and hyoscyamine and the vegetables which

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the disease now known as diphtheritis or diphtheria, and applied this

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mate end is an empty sheath, shrunken, but clearly distinguished from

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scrofulous joint and the carious bone may be considered to have become

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In rapid and general congestion of the lungs there are extreme dys-

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believing that the assertion is correct. The galvanic current is usually