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the foetus was dead, he resorted to the crotchet, and brought away a child

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the famous Boydell gallery. Handsomely and durably bound in cloth, red tops,

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esting to note that some "worm doctors" ject, by Koch's paper at the London Con-

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to overcome. Amonst these was the red, dry tongue produced by

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relieving chronic bronchitis ; at 6 a linseed-meal poultice was put

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ward ; but place the same patient in a dark cabin by night, and


Full = confusion of vision, giddiness, tottering gait, extreme

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The therapeutic value of the carbonate of Potash, or the

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lung of a cow, showing rounded tubercular infiltration and calcified

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morals, in all those matters that go to make Two or three members can hold their

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Caldwell County Society — President, Dr. tary, Dr. E. B. Harris, Rutherfordton.

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corpse; in another, to evacuate the stomach of a dead body, by

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that during the whole of the preceding day he was restless and

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beats per minute ; the appetite returns, and the patient passes

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man in the vigour of life, after having partaken of a full dinner,

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the form of simple anaemia, chlorosis, or general hydra^mia,

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national and municipal efforts, but to whom affection the administration of quinine in

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The rectum and cloaca usually present deep red lines

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on a small sloop. I visited him for the first time August 15th.

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valuable by the Medical Profession, who require from time to time an

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habitat as on the hypothesis of a specific infection. It is in

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irritant action of the vapor of ether. These gerous of the complications which follow