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H. Davy, merely by the daily placing the thermometers under the tongue.
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thev could demonstrate their cellular nature and origin, and
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abridge from Billard, Obs. 53, p. 344, Stewart's Trans. — " A child, four
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ligature on the artery, all pulsation in the tumour ceased. The face, at first
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though the letters appeared larger, they still seemed to run into each other.
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at first when the parts were so closed; but a redivision of these parts, and restora-
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or three times a day. Of the soothing tincture, I direct half a drachm— which
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mark the offspring with the stigma of weakness. It is
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rhage, as well as the results of treatment, render it very improbable that the
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or even acute, angle, and break up after a short course into
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order that the diseased structure may be well exposed to its action.
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adhered in some parts loosely, in some firmly, to the surface, and
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really constitutes a true syphilitic deposit. The microscopic
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of looking black, looks grayish or whitish. The \"iaon is
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and grotesque^ but at first not violent ; they soon^ however, became
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for the cure of stammering. Of these we shall give a full account, not that we
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in a confined area between the tooth and the bony walls
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two days. He remained away four days, and then came with irido-
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For the removal of mercury from organic substances Dr.
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from above and below, and are but the ramifications of those which supply
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this is accomplished by forcing the gas through a small tube and directing
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One veiy great drawback to the full appreciation of such facts
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if they apply as extra cases at the hospitals, or, in some cases,
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1. Oases lUustraHve of the Use of the Forceps, By Dr. A. B. Steele.
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lunch and supper each day in cold weather, is a distinct
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occurred during a long series of years throughout a very extensive range of the
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and we are doing so with the toe-nails as fast as evolution
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the dose of strychnia was increased to the 60th of a grain, and when
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cicatrices. It is manifestly fibrous, dense, capable of resisting much force, and
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were much aggravated Tby pressure at certain points of the spine.
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unfamiliar with modem textiles are apt to think wool very
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speaks of asphyxia, or apparent death in the stricter limitation
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ca-es of the kind are related by Cruveilhier, in his * Anat. Path.* vol. i, Livrai-
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passes through the more superficial capillaries has already
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four or five grains of quinine under the skin are equal to five or six
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duced the thigh to its natural size, but no pulsation was perceptible in the
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a course of medication in accordance with these views. I gave her a pill of
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warm opiated wash kept constantly on the part, or the same cold, if the
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eyes appeared swollen and reddened, and their motion produced pain; ano-