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with the urine as a quadri-urate. In perfect health the elimination
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the branches of the Semitic race must remain uncertain, but the fact
malaria, jaundice or other disease according as if is colored more or
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may arise in the course of many ailments. It essentially consists in
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ion that the phenomena of articidar inflammation are for the most
amount in which they are ingested is small. Examples of dishes
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hereditary tendency to this disturbance of nutrition.
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vertebral arteries pass. Its inner surface is concave and contains
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rogenous diabetes. In tliis form of diabetes, he maintains, obesity is
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of j)otassium to which may be added some mercurial preparation.
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as pepper, mustard and horse-radish, are worthy of consideration as
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has nearly ceased. Take a strong string and tie the cord tightly
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Should oedema of the lungs or paralysis of the heart make their
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Since the unmber of calories may rise during exercise from 2,500
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from one individual to another. To the late E. Schmitz is due the
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face every night and morning with hot water, as hot as can be used
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Leave off mental work some time before retiring and take a walk
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Lefiferts, George M., M.D., clinical professor, 152, 187.
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Introduction — Origin of the College^Charter of 1S07 —
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the president," that officer pronounced the Latin for-
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out, however, finding the wdshed-for return of strength. They even
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scribed in the section on morbid anatomj-. The development of
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considered the wisest among men, whether he spoke or remained
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about by the one and the other; in fact, as stated above, when contraction
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Osteo- Arthritis, 1889. British Medical Journal, 1891, i., p. 1169.
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are often well marked and accompanied by severe symptoms, as
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involved; such examx)les constituted a considerable proportion of