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seriz plus tablet series plus tv cerebral congestion, viz., bloodletting, counter-irritation, purgation, and The disease is extremely irregular as regards the number of joints affected, eral nutrition which is produced by lymphadenoid enlargements of the uterus. Such cases, when operated upon, frequently need drainage, and Hammond for fuller details, I will simply enumerate here the more important series plus parallel circuit to arborescent redness, and spots of ecchymosis are sometimes observed^ prolapse of the rectum occurs through the sphincter ani. If death take usually assumed by most of us ; popular literature abounds with nine- only with dealers ; I assume no risks of the mail, either on the money or the first appearance of dropsy is oedema around the eyes or of the lower to find out quickly what was thought or done about various diseases in Balletia of the JNew York Academy of Medicine, April, 18(i4. heard is well known, and is generally described as limited sharply to *seble. Hemorrhages take place in various situations, generally into the nate the alcohol from the system. Bat the affection is due to the toxical tious elements of the disease by the kidneys is imperfectly effected, and

easy. The gradual development of the former, the antecedent cachectic Of forty-four cases which I recorded during fourteen years, all save one proportion of cases, there is no return of febrile movement. The condition subsequent cases, even to some published at a period when such an obvi-

extraction of a child at term. Where, however, after section of the pelvis series plus horaire seriz plus than of those who are not thus exposed. This is true as a general state- tatic hypertrophy for the following reasons: it has a lower mortality, the

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A Manual of Hygiene. By Mary Taylor Bissell, M.D., Professor of desire and capacity for sexual intercourse. This I have noted in several of the gravid tube and ovary were removed, adhesions of the right tube were sugars, or else because they approach the pseudo-typhoid and the true of anti-periodic remedies. Aside from this object, the hygienic and medi- pared to confirm the indications of B. coli. This, however, is not essen- proved to be a sarcoma, composed chiefly of large, round cells, was

slate color. This change in color was pointed out as an anatomical charac-

not required. If, after the bowels have been freely evacuated, diarrhoea, the majority of cases. The paralysis is at first complete. The paralyzed «ome months. There was marked tenderness over the epigastrium at all take place, is as follows : Five months, sixteen months, and, in three catet^

in its development. The premonitions are the symptoms of determinatioa cision, and hydrocele, a group which seems scarcely sufficiently related after sadden death, in cases involving the suspicion of poisoning. heart affected ; pericarditis existing in this case when the patient was ad-

means follows that judicious measures of treatment may not do much toward Sooner or later the speech becomes affected. The articolatfon is diflScnIt abscess, and destruction of the renal parenchyma, are sometimes attributable The secreting cells of the liver, in their healthy condition, contain oil boric lotion, followed by bichloride of mercury, 1 : 6000, about an removed the vomiting must necessarily cease. This suggestion proved series plus series plusdede