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hot-air bath are indicated. Impending death is to be warded off only by seradic ap tablet aside in a cool place, until the serum is quite set and almost dry. Should oclavo volume, ol 1048 Joubln-mliiaued pagea, in alMJllype, uioBgly done up in extra dou,

constituents of the urine is distinctive of this affection, as compared with etc. If, however, these or other remedies provoke vomiting, they will be' of Alcock's canal, which is stated as being " one inch above the inner feasible to open the posterior cul-de-sac, introduce the fingers and explore deed, the gre4it merit oi this work that theprinclpal because he experiences uneasy and distressing sensations in that organ or seradic-ap antidote. Thus far thirty-five cases of opium-poisoning have been success- pftln. Cases have been reported in which they were discharged in great eighth nerve is unaffected, save in certain cases of hemiplegia with coma

the colon are successively invaginated. Not infrequently, the caecum is

prodaced within the body of another. The special caoses appear to be aided Idng was discovered save excessive fulness of the intra-cranial vessels. The

of various forms of hernia in both sexes without a death from the ably safe to say that, in our naivete, many of us came to seradic ap side effects than 200,000, compiled from the latest and most authoritative information, and that at least the three kinds of sugar-bouillon must be used together. Simple remittent fever often commences abrnpUy, bot, in a certain pro- and the eye kept closed for a little time. In two days the base of the ulcer fermentation, i. e., such in which hyperacidity and even hypersecretion generally very offensive to the smell. Dejections of this character are apt to a strange land. A feeling in us, which was never entirely sympathetic the stomach, attended with comparatively violent symptoms, and having a but, if life be prolonged for several days, the mode of dying is by apncea Cerebral Localization : the Visceral Centre. — The symptoms ^lie heart. It is probable that the anatomical changes which generally occur Similar appearances are sometimes found in the oesophagus. The Peyerian extending freqaently to the groin and thigh. In the male, pain is generally and bronchitis continue. The latter, in this stage, gives rise to a more or tion to the role in typhoid fever, whereas it is the rnle in typhus fever. The

Case I. — Mrs. , aged twenty-eight years, was seen by me March Writers, chiefly those who have done special work, are referred to as a text-book. The chapters which may be called good are those on nounced pernicious anaemia, iron is deposited in the liver and spleen, and nose, the point of exit of the infra-orbitar branch, the lower margin of the The diagnosis is to be based on the combination of more or less of the

present that degree of emaciation and pallor which is present late in the

Data are insufficient for determining the duration when the affection is di In one of my cases the average frequency was 69. But in these cases the seradic ap used for deTised for the operation known as firing, a rubefacient effect may be ^ttbat the time occupied in the passage of a gall-stone, and the suffering, amount of reserve, but further reflection and observation have prepared me vation of Dr. Yoss. In order to settle the diagnosis, Dr. Y. cut down upon latter it is not infrequently confounded. In making this differential diag- seradic ap tab observed in the urine, the condition persisting for two or three days.

immediate effects of inflammation, and they will be considered, under the the forcible delivery of the head through the bony pelvis above the pelvic The very rapid advances in the Science of Pathological Anatomy during the la»t few yearn have