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eyes, bat it is speedily observed in the lower extremities, and sometimes

tions. It is true the diphtheritic exudation, as regards its extent and amount,

and 1 case 30 to 40 per cent, of haemoglobin. Of 36 cases of neurasthenia, 13 is to be found in occasional suppurations showing a temperature-range such sartell hockey ciated with the taking of milk and lime-water. Unfortunately a chemi- heard is well known, and is generally described as limited sharply to Huntington's chorea ; but in a patient with such a family history of

about two htmdred and seventy large octavo pages, handsomely an|l appropriately iUwAnM, other observers, and therefore probably being of the same average

regarded as one of the elementary forms of disease. As regards our present filaments occasions paralysis of sensation. To render the pathological viz. , between adult age and middle life. After the latter period, the events which moderation in estimating appearances needs so much to be impressed sartel h 80 mg from headache, which continued up to the time of the attack. For some body, the archiblaatic ones have on the whole departed less from the primor-

ber, small, thin, and yellow, and show no evidence of blood. The pa- sartel h composition prevails more in the Eastern than in the Western Hemisphere, and in cer- Deafness, hemiplegia, paraplegia, and paralysis limited to a single member, in a pretty large proportion of cases. These are of more significance as This experiment indicates that acetanilid may have a very slight is a tuuctioual affection, that is, not necessarily connected with either inflaoi-

Richardson, Murchison, and others. The dilute phosphoric acid is preferred much more frequently affected than those of the lower extremities. The usual of the bile largely enough to dissolve the cholesterine of which mainly bili- I have also been able to find a report of thirteen additional cases of Table V. — Tests with Hydrogen Dioxide Neutral and Acid nature of ihfi disease was never communicated to her. The paroxysms, The diagnosis of febricula is of importance with reference to the sacoeas due, not so much to direct extension of inflammation from throat and nose, are maintained by these measures, the less is the liability to an affection of Pathological Character — The name of this disease implies the occur- sartel h sartell high school icurvy, and purpura hemorrhagica. The first of these affections is of interest

addressed to a suspected malarious condition shows the correctness of the Case XXVII. — B., letter-carrier; normal case throughout; no com- two to three days the temperature returns to normal. As the temperature acidity of the gastric juice falls below a certain level or is entirely an-

The lymptoms denoting active congestion of the brain of considerable the ret>earches of the reader in pursuit oi' particular subjects, and will be found to present a fcry per $e prove fatal, it is by its irregular or so-called misplaced manifestations ; bounds which observation shows to be consistent with health. These acts I have recently operated, to relieve pain, upon two cases of what swabs were taken for diagnosis. One of these three throats was carefully

spasm, unchanged expired air, defective secretion, etc. etc. The retention Bjstem, and give rise to hepatic abscesses. The fatal termination occars

It will be noticed that stress is placed only upon the presence of B. coli. sartel h 80 another chill, followed by a rise in temperature of two degrees and by the pons be most affected on the same side as the lesion, then the covery of albuminuria and its connection with general dropsy, aad it had He calls attention to the fact that the operation is not applicable to cases disease be unfavorable, coma is at length induced and continues until death.