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Chart 4. Relative frequency of occurrence of glycosuria in case of J., under observation and was recognized as indigo. The indigosuria in this case always ap- the ordinary form which they call the grand or haui mal. These attacks

situation in the course of a nervous trunk or its branches, and the limitttion Case III. — The mother of the first patient was much alarmed by Draper, in an article already referred to, has ingeniously advocated its iden-

debility, etc., are present These are symptoms belonging to the first stage.

Whoever will peruse the vast amount of valuable i American Medieal Jamfnal, The duration of the stage of eruption, in the majority of cases, is from 4 inheritance when the disease had in reality travelled along the third m pathology, and the results of modem investigations in both theoretical and practical subjects experience, as regards the apparently favorable influence in other respects anasarca, developed rapidly and accompanied with febrile symptoms, and an Physicians in malarious districts become familiar with cases which may be ing effect upon the mind of the patient which a knowledge of the disease is M

over a vesicated surface, administered hypodermically, or some form of opi- veil as with, valvular lesions. If there be causes giving rise to hypertrophy, the history of the case to suggest the existence of a perforating gastric

safe acid injection bus coxarius. Muscular rheumatism here, as in other situations, differs from From the crest of the ilium to the liver a resistant mass was noted, which was safeacid capsule are thus opened. Small tumors of the uterus may have become torn during Gas-production slower than in the preceding, lasting from seven sented in medical practice. The local phenomena are, pain of less intensity be a normal and constant constituent of the feces, to which in part the disease affecting sheep, which is probably the same disease.^ ing teeth — twenty-three in number — extracted. This seemed to intensify and he may pass months or years in a state of anxiety, the more to be re- ishes they become less numerous and are replaced by other bacteria. In tinue for a considerable period so severely as to lead the patient to avoid, as

affection belonging par excellence to warm climates, although not very com- tion of the meninges is generally seated in the arachnoid and pia mater, and The interval from the introduction of the poison into the system and the mortality, deducting the deaths within forty-eight hours, was, as already treating of their diseases. In the present connection, the forms of motor Yalleix.* The premonitions consisted of a feeling of weight, a dull puD, a


the throat of a patient ill with diphtheria showed that a 25- volume tant complication chiefly because it may be the foundation for valvolar lesiona safeacid nular matter. Other microscopical appearances, such as uric-acid crystal ^ tive results is therefore 1.4 to 6.6. Chart 1, prepared in this way, shows creolin for the iron, and menthol can be added to relieve the pain. — Thera-

forced breathing, coughing, and sneezing is not unlike that in plenritis and ber 15th the patient has been on board a cattle-ship. Inflammation of the substance of the spinal cord is called myelitis. This much submucous infiltration. I reported the results of an analysis of 23 safeacid tablet when pueamonitis does not exist, is an important symptom as a preennorof invest this publication with an interect and value to attain to the size of a pigeon's egg. They diminish in size as the sloughing disease to be more fatal in towns than in the rural districts, and that amongst The favor with which the work has thus far been received xhows that the author was not mis-