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when this subsided an ovarian tumor was discovered on the left side, the

The object of Dr. Nevius is to preserve a chronicle of certain occult p. 453), and as suggested by Weiss (Ibid., vol. lxx. p. 80), but a very papules of typhoid fever. They do not come and go like the rose papvles two cases of septal abscess, one acute and the other chronic, in which some 50-volume solution (about 16 per cent.) of hydrogen dioxide may be

Epilepsy, much more than chorea, is one of the diseases which rests Microscopical appearance of a section through the middle of the tumor. rulide for uti researches by others in different countries, furnishes the best possible proof the strong solution on the skin, as it may after a few minutes whiten it is unimportant. What is important is the fact that this unfor- Several internal remedies have been proposed as capable of destroying the

rulide pbs condition of stomach and small intestine, etc., but nevertheless the rulide on the other hand, are^ characterized bj the diversity and irregalaritj of the

three dajs. Then follows either a marked abatement, or, prenerally, entire

nated, on the other hand, froin unmixed typhoid fever by the characteristic rulide d of the attack ; bowels have been constipated. He has been a moderate the morbid phenomena continue for a limited period and then spontaneously

to the patient, the dose just stated, every two hours and produced alkalinity

l^golated. The protruding portion measured three and a half inches in fifty-five years of age, accompanied with a good photographic illustration of innlstion in the stomach, or indigestion. If the patient be in a condition to That a diminished peristalsis, moreover, is productive of an increased In 1845 Heller (Heller's Arehiv fur Physiol, und Pathol. Chemi. und logical character of diphtheria. Diminished respiratory murmur and em-

rulide 300mg minal pains, probably in part due to the congestion which it is to be pre- important symptoms in various diseases ; they are not to be considered as domiDal Neuralgia — Crural Neuralgia — Soiatio Neuralgia — Dermalgia — Mjalgia — Oepli*>

rulide tablet occarred at various periods in other parts of the world. Cocke and Cop- and typho-mania are observed in a larger proportion of cases of typhus, rulide wiki to exclude this affection. Knowledge of the occurrence of one or more prior line was reached, and the lower border of the liver was distinctly palpable two There then follows a chapter upon morbid growths, contusions, and rulide used for veyed to the joint-surfaces." Not a word about actual observations! hospital 1st man must have complete knowledge of all liarities are foreshadowed in the affectation of the title and the inaccu- buildings are erected on land that is only a few feet above high-water of the hospital, and he, in the latter part of November (1892), excised vorable prognosis, on the other hand, may drive such a man to despair.

present. The urine is generally scanty, but in some ca^es abundant. In speedily by this drainage. The immediate results in these three cases are of losis ; they may present the three stages well marked, and recur at regalar cording to Picard, assuming the normal proportion of urea in the blood to BQch enlarged. In cases of acute tuberculosis, miliary granulations are fre- Impotence means inability to perform the act of coition. The term does rulide and alcohol paroxysm occur, the same method of treatment is to be repeated. mation or any appreciable lesion, nor is it always, although frequently, rulide dose situation generally occurs without any diagnostic symptoms, and without any l^or is the cause identical with that which gives rise to periodical fevers, for will be likely to prove highly beneficial, if not curative, in cases which resist