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fibrous pleuritis, right; healed tuberculosis right apex; cloudy swelling of

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•fr, the rata and mice getlhe m^*. ","* "*'"'' ""'«'"" &omtte

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mental study of poliomyelitis has yielded a large number of im-

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edematous patients in hot weather; appropriate therapy is water

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ranks "1" in recording the greatest reduction in this percentage

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eral following those adopted in the "Collected Papers," so that one can

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females. I told her that I did not wish to be quoted, that my memory

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that the X-ray produces results by a combination of these actions.

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ciation, according to information we have just received, and we feel con-

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range of subjects. During the summer an informal outing was held at

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at two years. When two and one-half years old she had a mild


Cleveland, and from time to time investigations have been -made

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separated from a mass of heterogeneous palsies and established as a


sults of the writer, especially in his X-ray therapy. The scope of the work

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functional power of the kidneys, and he thus can select a time

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Aaron Raoul Sachs, M.D., of Brooklyn, died on July 1 at

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a position to present figures which will show definite, tangible

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20 patients survived for one year following aggressive

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the animal was washed out. As soon as the liquid escaping

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partial immunity — Neisser holding that a true immunity practically

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Ohio. He was convinced that at the Cleveland State Hospital work of

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Oliver W. Bean, Eclectic Medical Institute, Cincinnati, 1877; of

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the patients tested had a complete anergy to all five anti-

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inflammatory conditions of the meninges. In general paralysis the amount

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containing three doses ready for use and sufficient to immunize one per-

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pressure over the region of the frontal sinus elicited only slight pain.

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difficulty of hearing after styptol, an observation that requires further

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ness is the duty of religion. Dealing with mental unfitness is

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others. Aside from detectable pathological changes there is the possi-

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medical distractions as it’s possible for a practice to be. If you’re a doctor who’s

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dose of bromocriptine that they could tolerate with cor-

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which could in any way be detrimental to the character of the milk.

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Clinicians tell us that on dark gloomy days, when the humidity is

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to go about doing such work of a microscopical, bacteriological, patho-

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6. Abraham. — Uber hysterische Traumzustande, Jahrbuch fur psychoana-

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corides. Muntner edited the entire work (over 1,000