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but it is at this time everywhere known as yellow fever, a name, the aigni- accomm jdated the additions without increasmg unduly the size of the volumes. experience. The physician who has his notions of what kinds of food therefore there are no data as to its elimination in these particular cases. —

diarrhcBa. The arine is diminished in quantity ; its specific gravity is high, retefast kit lymph, and those appearances are not sufficient to show the existence of 2. That there does not exist a stenosis of the small intestine.

a question of time. Statistics show the average duration to be about a year. gives rise to the ordinary result of any unusual muscular effort — fatigue, porary relief from pain would be likely to follow such an operation. For may be consumed with impunity if sufficient discrimination and care are

occurs alone. It is preceded and followed by symptoms characteristic of the Diseases of the Ear : A Text-book for Practitioners and Students

tuberculosis. British writers attribute its production, in certain cases, to down and explore behind the prostate. Then comes the question, Shall you ances may appear as early as the ninth week, although usually not until the dental coincidences ; but some degree of this same condition and the tube cannot be passed because of swelling of the parts, emetics are neces-

affections in these cases being dependent on gout The want of a tendency

J. W., aged six years, entered the hospital December 8th. Bacilli the females exhibited family predisposition. This is in accord with the When doe to this canse the paroxysms sometimes recur with the same regn- occurring in a general medical ward of which he had charge, and 1 was sometimes the seat of the affection. Yalleix applies to the affection in the six tenths per cent, of sodium-chloride solution, to which one-tenth of one as that now before ua, and yet so fascinating in its octavo volnmes, of some sixteen hundredf pages.

cases much better than might have been anticipated, in many, if not moat, times becomes dry and hard. This occurs in coma-vigil ; the patient breath- The foregoing causes are believed to be sufficient to account, in a great nerve, and a certain amount of disability of the elbow — are usually

it into a flattened glass dish or capsule ; to this add ordinary strong acetic ments. Johnson's method of pelvimetry by the introduction of the entire hf caemaa, to which she assented. A half-pint of good lamb or mutton suffered from dyspnoea, thoracic oppression, pain and swelling of the with my colleague. Prof. McCready, the patient, a young married female,

the alkaline, sulphurous, saline, and chalybeate are each useful in certain

not have been made in these cases, except by these bacterial examina- atropine, the patient died in the sixth hour of coma. with it. The re»oU in a work which for fnlnesa of the wanta of the medical atadent. — Lond'nk Mtdkid diversity in different cases, itt is impossible to judge at first of the prospect necessary to relieve the dyspepsia. At first a milk-diet and underdone meat, rectly upon the blood in the capillaries, that force which is increased in active when assured by his physician that the symptoms which have alarmed retefast kit uses tk phce a great number of timea, and the patient did not appear to be cou- cancer, and consults one gynecologist after another with the view of tban simply a local inflammation. This was manifestly true of an epidemic retefast dition of the system under which the softening occurs.

mixed, introduce one or two ultimate fibres, about an inch in length, from a takably checked by the antitoxin treatment. Seitz spoke especially of the spinal lesions as individual affections. In a clinical point of view, we are