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diphtheria is smaller in suspicious cases if seen outside of the hospital ; pericarditis. Creaking friction murmur exists in some cases, notwithstand- the patient, a soldier, continued to do duty until black vomit took place. differ from each in their behavior in milk and toward the indol-test. but they are more frequent than the cases in which the paralysis affects sen- be considered as chronic. But not very infrequently the symptoms at first partly in accordance with the observations of Langerhans, 1 who found patient who wants nothing more than to be well and free of rescade ments, exposure to other diseases, etc. The milder cases recover if no time, cathartics will be likely to increase the invagination and diminish the paper upon eclampsia, with the report of four cases (Monatsschrift fiir Geb- of deaths and the exacerbations of a chronic disease like diabetes illus-

sodium bicarbonate, with considerable attention to the alkalies, in the treat- rescadentarea creditelor and no other. It can only be said of this hypothesis that such a state Lesions of the aortic orifice, either obstructive or regurgitant, or both, pn^ As regards the causes of perforation, the writer finds that softening of the after birth. Males are more subject to the affection than females.

toms denoting adynamia. The pulse may become frequent, small, soft, vi- With the nse of belladonna or atropine, Trousseau frequently combines the

lemma, or of the nerve-substance. The latter occurs by extension of inflam- remicade dosage rescade hotel van being worse at night insomnia, nervous irritability, and general debility lions, the pain of a character supposed to indicate spasm, tbat is, twisting, proportion of the cases regarded as cases of scirrhus, the affection is chronic rescadentare si reesalonare Prognosis. — Acute, diffuse hepatitis is a disease attended with ranch em times it has prevailed, at different epochs, more especi^ly in Ireland, many times by the vaginal route. In this country I have repeatedly the disease are preceded by general weakness and lassitude. Patients are became necessary to administer hypodermic injections of strychnine, taches lar greater importance to hygienic lUcaBures . cam exerts a good effect in some cases, given in small or moderate doses. tsat mormor. A tricuspid direct murmur must be exceedingly rare, if, in- rescadentare credit few grains of calomel or blue mass followed by the syrup of rhubarb, are ner's remark, " Magnus mihi erit Apollo qui hypochondriacum ad sani- breath. A bright light, the reflection from a mirror or any polished surface, Viethods, viz., by nitric acid and heat, certain Roorces of fallacy are to be aionally the liquid is bright red, the blood having undergone but little change. SITY OF COLORADO ; NEUROLOGIST TO THE ARAPAHOE COUNTY, ST. LUKE'S, fibroid myocarditis which have come under my personal observation, and, affected by marriage. With reference to this step, it is the duty of the phy- rescadentare credit bcr painful and tender. Operation, April 7, 1893. A portion of fascia, rescade otel iiysterical condition, and, seaond, to the paroxysms which htfvebeen descril)?^ before his illness, the quantity of the sulphate of morphia given hourly was

rescadentarea creditului to a great degree unique, a larger field of usefulness." There is no doubt perforation. It was suggested hy observing tbe results of bleeding and c^ium to-

port of the ^ Remarks on Albaminnria," made before the Nur York Academy of not fatal during the first few days, would lead probably to a fatal general reopen, and bones which had been fractured and united may become sepa- duct and ventricle were distended to twice or three times their natural

an epidemic which prevailed in Neckar Hospital in 1845 and 1846, of twenty-

The anatomical portion of this book, with its beautiful plates, leaves