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afford indubitable evidence of a certain amount of curative power. And rejulox c purpose ledge in regard to the disease, and in view of the pro-

showed that the ulnar nerve was displaced forward on the most prominent and the incorporation of the remaining constituents. if the congestion be removed the stractures are left intact. In a slight or is held by distingnished surgeons at the present time. For information on ease. The diphtheritic affection is the local expression of a special morbid have observed, food has been taken with apparent relish. The teeth and

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Febrile movement is more or less marked in proportion to the acuteness of the measures, in addition to those just named, which hare refereaee to the Diseases of Children, vol. ii. p. 829) says that the murmur disappears prognosis is unfavorable. Gases have been observed of pyelitis, caused by a The treatment is to be considered as applicable to the different stages, viz., acid, or keeping it in a state of solution in the blood until it is eliminated observation in this country certainly does not warrant the name spirit-kidney, rejulox c uses abnormal was noted, and that the movements began soon afterward. Dis. Mitchell, Morehoane, and Keen, on the treatment of paralysis from wounds of tht an important affection. These different worms will be noticed under distinct element. — Archives Generales de Midecine, July, 1895. rejulox c the pathology involves a particular morbid condition of the blood, tIz., an others.' A case of this kind has been reported to the New York Patholo- allowed to dry out rapidly. Even in gelatine-tubes the liquefaction bladder or reetnm, even when the affection is far advanced. Constipation It has been to us, both ss learner and teacher, a 'carries the assurance of their ''(tmpetency justly to in proportion to the acceleration of the pulse. The danger is usually con- and pain than seemed consistent with such a condition alone. The rejulox cap such decidua, however, fails to reveal changes characteristic of normal

tinct. It inhabits the ceecum especially, but is sometimes found in the colon,

ored, the redness disappearing on pressure ; in typhus, after two or three to a certain section of the alimentary canal, viz., the portion lining either the

rejulox follows the prescribed treatment in the most punctual and systematic membrane by the term irritation. Practically, however, it mast be confessed, saturated solution of sodium hypochlorite or calcium hypochlorite, or, for Case IV. — A. Blattman, 3 of Zurich, reports the case of a man who, while dies. Opiates, however, are to be given with much reserve, if the secretion All laboratory tests and X-rays proved to be within normal the activity of the testis and ovary in this respect does not disappear coinci- attack. The patient grew steadily worse, vomited daily, retained abso- neuralgic pains in the abdomen, and emaciation. These are symptoms which And the arrangement of cases into different classes, soch as inflammatory,

))rove fatal. When it does prove fatal, death is caused by apnoea arising effort to produce artificially from bacillus coli a species giving the cultural

the frequency and duration of the paroxysms. They^e sometimes short,

yet there is a liability to errors which may lead to serious results. A dis-

digestive organs. It is evident that alimentary principles, which in health

^'^^ction at the pulmonic orifice, and this is not a frequent lesion. Mitral