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The prognosis is therefore better the earlier the patient comes
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skin should not be too speedily cured. Effort should be made to
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a|)paratus, of the circulatory and locomotive organs, of the fatty
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it can be shown that their jjresence is only the accidental result of a
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Cyclic albuminuria, or the albuminuria of adolescence, is seen in theyoimg,
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five years ; while the largest number in any period of five years oc-
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veins are injected, its cut surface may be blocdy, is of a deep-red color, and
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by stimulating and strengthening their nerve control ; hence it
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excessive nutrition, the ingestion of large quantities of food and
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tiiis profuse excretion is to be found in the nature of the diet, for who-
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fare of those suffering from acute or chronic affections.
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drops of acetic acid. Many albumin test reagents precipitate them, and the
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The cases are few in which that quantity maj' not be given and jjain
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no grave complications having appeared in the mean time nor any con-
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tension in the rear, flanked by three parallel pavil-
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like, still the sufferers are often much more markedly benefited by
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is most marked. We know that if a man pass through certain dis-
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A teasjjoonful of the powder may be administered in syrup and
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