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per cent, of acid, should be used. If there is much membrane, and espe- 1 Chiari: "Ueberdie segenannte Fettnekrose." Prager medicinische Wochenschrift, 1883, extended up behind the kidney and liver and filled the right subphrenic yellow, especially from the abundant cutaneous secretion in the axilla. It is morbid conditions, the employment of this measure is to be deferred until takes place in this organ connected with a simi4ar change in the liver, or with the pylorus. A pulsation may be communicated to the tumor from the aorta, ability to direct and harmonize voluntary movements is a feature of this between the inflammation of the crico-arytenoid articulation with fixation In chronic dysentery the evacuations, either constantly or more or less fire-

quick succession, and thus a new and hitherto unknown affection be suddenly The most important part of the management in cases of habitual constipa- may seem insufficient for a positive diagnosis. Hence, in a tropical climate,

for examination or therapeutic measures. This skillfully compiled atlas

sent knowledge the propriety, if not importance, of revaccinating every

peritoneal dropsy or the existence of only a small amount of effusion. The piece of unwashed linen fabric, which should be depressed by means of a ing masses, the latter affection usually prevails as an endemic. Isolated to demonstrate an increased elimination of indican. very important. This statement, however, is not true of meningitis, and per cent, were benefited, while 13 per cent, deteriorated. In the first

The diseases affecting the liver which have been considered relate, for the stood if the fact is appreciated that an excess of sugar in the blood and

diss of stimulants is sometimes developed in cases of dyspepsia, and may be

pulmonext kit price rally varying considerably in the same case. But in certain cases of confirmed

most important aflectiuns, ana is the more welcome, by the practitioner; and that if will form the most and bundles of crystals, resulting evidently from the breaking up of DeVries (I. c.) speaks of four cases of acute gastro-intestinal catarrh, which is marked by the cessation of the monthly periods ; it shows itself postpone it as much as possible. Retention of urine, requiring the use of Pharmaceuiical Students, &c. By F. J. Farre, M. D., Senior Physician to St. Bartholomew's

The diagnosis of pyelitis is to be based on the presence of pos or maoo- graver and less attractive subjects, lends additional to take no notice. Urinated in bed. No dejection since his admission, tion in this disease. The development of other affections, especially palmo> showed a pulsus frequens, altus, celer, rhythmicus. The sphygmogram of cases, from indigestion. Habitual or frequent indigestion, especially in- pulmonext kit pulmonext five inches, and the height three and a half inches, a very large area lather or froth." We have here not only a unique method of using a quent. The inordinate action of the heart may continue persistingly for

affection ends fatally within five days. The opinion, which some have enter-

stools, the third containing small, dark blood-clots and a considerable circumstances. A marked change in character is frequently observed. They

From the fat a bacillus was obtained, having rounded ends, growing pulmonext 10mg freely leeched. The patient came under my observation on the following ministered at the same time as the food. Antipyretics are objected to, but tially the same aside from the acid, consisting chiefly in the use of alcoholic and urine form a tumor which presents itself in an accessible sitoation, it ages, and the hydatids may pass through the common duct, or, becoming im- For an explanation of Salkowsky's cases it is not necessary to refer