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in the cervical triangle, spine, and larger joints to tuberculosis.
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It is convenient to discuss the alteration in the various forms of the dis-
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several less remarkable instances of its good effect
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but, on examination, fully developed, painful, tender masses are present. In
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early to speak of the effects of this class of preparations; Rogers and Beebe
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,\cised (Cannon and Xlendetdiail ). The inteicstinjr su'.'U'esI ion is mad(
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l'r..iM il x.'iii l,\ this,.,!. III,. ..Miiii ,,f , siri,ti.,ii or ,|ili,t;ili,,ii ..^11
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and the catheter introduced but a short distance until the ccndition of the
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I ills may lie citlicr ipialitatiM' or i|iiaiitilati\ c. A iiihilitnlirt n innl is
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it measured 71 cm.; in Stilling's, 64 cm. In the case reported by Hudela
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direct invasion of the vena cava, but is not as common as in other malignant
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and are distended with blood, so that the gland has a very congested appear-
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allow thom to make vertical marks (with recndini: s\irface stationary >
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much more common than is generally supposed, for the writer has been
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Iterations in the i-c>|iiratcii> ijiiotli'iii i see pajre .l.'iW }.
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its height. "It may happen that the skin of the face, of the neck, and upper
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druria. The preceding history is, when obtainable, of great assistance in the
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close the mouth, when opened, until the spasm of the depressor muscle of
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and perversion of function in the tubules result from this process may be
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catneterization and study of the urine thus obtained, but some of the
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|iii(d tlie III) riiirii iiiiiiiitiin li r. uhirh l.ndwii; siiliseipieiit iy adapted mi
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iiinl iiriiii', liiit wlii'ii Miller is t;il<rii in l;ir'_'i' i|ii;iiititii's llic urine sliow::
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used as the standard. A small amount of \xatci- in the hiiretfe over the
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Patrick Millar, M.D. F.R.S. Ed. Physician to the Deiion and
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nipples. The eyelids have been involved. The cases in which local
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to bear some relation to the onset of the disease; in another case, angina
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in diet, exposure to a draft, menstruation, constipation, nervous or mental
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Fig. 4 a. Photograph of the same specimen after maceration. A longitudinal
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Iniiiiaii (.'astric juii-e, wiieii titrated witli one of tliese indicators, nivos
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areas of semitranslucent gray tissue between them. In the firmer nodes
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Miiiiiilation of the central end of the cardiac depressor nerve in smdi
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disease. Such a case occurred at the Pennsylvania Hospital, and the
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i-(-iitii"_'c of tliis siihstiiiii-c litlii'i- in tlic iiiiiic or in tin- lilnoil of person-
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patients, neeessarily eause etleiiia ; urea, I'm' example, may aeeiiniiilaie
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Character of the Attack: The severity of the initial attack is no guide to the
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into the cartilage, and along their course especially does the fibrous tissue
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thelium, and bacterial casts, and occasionally bits of necrotic renal tissue
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••"i.l. If nil iiiiimiil is tilivr In .•iiiiti,.ii,. ,rH|.ii„li„n fnr s,.i,i,. li,,,.
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* Medical Transactions of the College of Physicians^ vol. iv, p. 294.