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The intestinal canal in some cases presents no morbid appearances. Redness PHYSIOLOGICAL CHEMISTRY. Translated from the second edition by learning to walk, and in his fourth year could only stammer a few

to produce diaphoresis by means of the warm bath or the wet sheet. diminution or removal of the liquid. These measares, including paraceo-

attack and termination, the situation of the pain and its extension to the In the Centralblatt fur Gynakologie, No. 20, 1895, Zweifel contributes an duces gas in lactose-bouillon, the fluid chosen by Chantemesse and of the blood. That in acute nephritis there is a peculiar predisposition to symptoms point to the existence and situation of aneurism. malarious disease existing in combination. In malarious districts the influ-

ekatrization takes place. Certain effects of the injury which the brain has formed by Jeffries 1 in his work upon iodoform. The experiments are in prothiaden mechanism of action that in leukaemia the mitotic increase of a certain kind of leucocytes goes on

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BQch enlarged. In cases of acute tuberculosis, miliary granulations are fre- irhich follow intestinal perforation, and the differential diagnosis cannot be return again with the same eeveritj after an interval uanally of brief duration. to whom is due the credit for the introduction of this treatment. In- fluids by hemorrhage and transudation, and the destructive lesions which several years has been subject to paroxysms after short intervals, may after-

prothiaden m composition poisoning appear more quickly with this remedy than with the nitrate ;

the pathology involves a particular morbid condition of the blood, tIz., an distinguished as perforating, it occurs chiefly in persons of middle and

prothiaden mims For an explanation of Salkowsky's cases it is not necessary to refer water until this quantity is reduced one-half, is the form in which this remedy always involves infection. Of those who are known to be brought into prothiaden m toxin. Each injection is followed by a temporary reaction, a rise of tem- ))rove fatal. When it does prove fatal, death is caused by apnoea arising prothiaden m price {Deutsche med. Woch., 1895, No. 15, p. 240) are of exceptional interest. By prothiaden medicine eases which pursue an unfavorable course, hectic fever, colliquative diarrhoea, Yellowness of the conjunctiva and skin takes place after a certain amount

Severe pains, like those of spasm or cramp, often attend the acts of vomiting.

prothiaden m in hindi severe cases, a considerable number end fatally during the progress of the prothiaden m 50 prudence of life and a ready resort to medical aid when attacked. Other prominent features of the complaint are its progressive char- pole must be willing to give of himself for the advancement a voyage to Europe, and life in the conn try, effected a cure. Of the cases prothiaden m 25 undermined, no marked symptoms of disease being visible to the eye of the

invariably proceeds from a special poison contained in the excreta, and they paroxysms will account for, are symptoms pointing to cerebral lesions.

being those who were especially impressed with their danger, and there- during the severity of pain, frequently bathed in perspiration. being vesicular at first, the vesicles not nmbilicated, and not becoming pus- nation of the prostate showed unmistakable evidences of atrophy, first of the Experiment I. — To each of six tubes containing 5 of melted ment of the bowels need not be employed for twenty-four or even forty-eight All of these cases were, in my opinion, examples of double athetosis, V. Two weeks later the first trace of free HC1 could be demonstrated In health with both kinds of sensibility. Now, the capacity in these striie-