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In rabbits, to get the cachexia developed, one must get rid

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merito habentur. Talium certe virorum per labores verba ilia

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pool justices, who caused a special statement to be issued on the sub-

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without it appearing from their writings that they were ac-

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by the Obstetrical Society. My copj' bears the date of 1886.

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4th Bombay Infantry, is appointed to the medical charge of the Uth

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an open competition, as it practically excludes Scotch and

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Mr. P. V. Fry, on " Physical Development; " and Mr. A. C.

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was nothing in the Midwives Bill to make it penal for either

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the form of an amendment to a resolution proposed, and

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flesh begin to fail. The most striking result of Rattray's

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lbs., the quantity of sputa liad fallen from an average

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the females, 35.04 months ; and this average was thus com-

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of more constant type the modification never goes so far as

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ventive of a second one. Some twenty-three years ago, when I was a

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perament is defined to be a physical power acting in each in-

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February Iflth in a house where three persons were found to be infected

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in the form of thunderstorms in the summer and autumn. It

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ground which prevented him granting what Dr. Cameron

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be hoped that the case is now at an end. It began in a

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complimentary dinner on the evening of his address at the

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using sterilised silk and crossing the ligatures there was little

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a tendency to spread ; the attendance of scholars at the British School

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Board, " with the object of forming a conjqii^t board of exa-

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our contemporary tell us exactly what it means by its

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The problem of the " generatio ajquivoca," which had been

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spores of the microsporidia were, however, small and might

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of blood corpuscles also. Now that we know the alexines are

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to another portion also caused no separation of a clot ; but

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to prevent our drawing inferences as to chemical composition

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A college of .-c ence and > f li e tare u•^ s the true home.of a

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the introduction and retention of a suitable drainage tube

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tude Health Resort for Summer and Winter Cures. Paris: Typo-

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I hope the publication of these two cases will lead others

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Ganffrfiious AbseeJis in f.fij'i Loin; IncUinn ; su^tpvratu-t Peritoiiiiii:. the RfAult

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may have arisen froi;i the fact that the translalion being made in

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curvature, was firmly adherent to the left lobe of the liver,

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rested. Under the chin was a depressed cicatrix, with some

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Bennet of Mentone and Dr. Griflith of Hyeres are excellent