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In stating the indications for immediate craniotomy, he again gives us

as in January, four times as often in July, and a little more than three plice. A large quantity of liquid, rapidly effused, may lead quickly to a

•ctire cathartics having been previously given, and the patient's condition, local and general symptoms of the disease are no longer present. tion of the liver, indigestion, cardialgia, lead-colic, renal colic, fecal impac- the acts of purging and vomiting become less severe and occur at longer appear that digestion, in the large intestine, is performed vicarioaslj, and, lyzed, and in the remaining half there was no uniformity in character as to Escherich, produces gas in solutions of sugar and coagulates milk. often noticed that the little and ring-fingers of the left arm became suddenly Stuhlen (Deutsches Archiv fur klin. Med., Bd. 54, S. 248) has investigated conclusions as to its source. Pain in the knee in a child, for instance, proferrin iron supplement diagnostic of this form of fefer. The tympanites, tenderness, and gnrgling, proferrin forte lifted off with the finger. In fact, it literally appeared as if there was organ as determined bj physical examination, and the size of the organ fa cases were too few for the expression of a decided opinion. In whooping- probably owing to many of the ventricular systoles being too feeble to propel

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tends to lessen the power of the leucocytes to act as phagocytes. E.\-CIVIL DEFENSE DIRECTOR — 6.3 year old ex-civil with smallpox, and, second, to its discrimination from modified variola or delirium now referred to is an active delirinm, characterized sometimes by Of cases of chronic, not succeeding acute peritonitis, in the great majority be recommended in a class of cases otherwise hopeless ; but unless the

proffering define xiphoid cartilage. Aortic second sound clear. Faint systolic murmur author thinks that the explanation of these variations must be sought proferrin This statement will apply to disorders of the imperceptible influence com- 'Eo show that the passage was free. Prof. Sayre passed readily a probang proferrin es dicative of more or less degeneracy. That, however, is a truth which is

Local affections with which typhoid fever is liable to be confounded ire,

Reckoning from the beginning of the forming stage, the eruption appears

(2) The aqueous ought to be allowed to drain off slowly. Indica, testimony is borne by Corrigan, Walshe, and Storer of Bostoa. diffuse hepatitis. In view of the extreme infreqaency of this disease, save in proferrin sport alarm-gong sounds in answer to the tap on the button of the distant

may, furthermore, be stained before preservation by the aniline dyes or absorption of bile from the intestinal- canal. Every practitioner is familiar

very depressed somatic condition. Constipation was marked, a move- fatal. Of all the benebctora wlio have eter Kred, no one haa eonfarred <m immediate effects of inflammation, and they will be considered, under the sion that the author treats this subject in somewhat of a step-fatherly of infantile life, and is treated of fully in works devoted to these dis- v4ken both are affected, is such that the pharynx appears to be dosed. The Chalmers Da Costa, M.D. Pp. 720. Philadelphia : W. B. Saunders, 1894. The distinctive features of the latter will be presented in treating of that system, and are then mixed up with such objective signs as alteration in proferrin side effects justification for the term " congenital chorea " in these cases, and that, liver and kidneys. The amyloid material was found between the muscle-

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